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Do we need this single coil RDA?Digiflavor-Drop-Solo-RDA

So we have the Drop Solo RDA to look at. I had the Drop and to put it simply I didn’t like it. Just did nothing for me, visually and performance. Will the 22mm RDA turn me around and maybe try the Drop again? We will see…

The Drop Solo is a single coil RDA. Single coil RDA’s are to me all about a flavourful vape over masses of clouds. This however is only 22mm diameter but the deck space is massive. can get a fair-sized coil inside and once wicked you have a 5mm well to fill!

Designed by Brian at The Vaper Chronicles who I am sure had a good idea of what people want from a single coil RDA.

So the Drop Solo is the Drop’s little brother. Drop Solo is better looking for sure. The original Drop looked a bit clumpy and just had no wow factor. However the Drop Solo looks beautiful! From the notches at the top of the cap to the lovely PMMA top cap this is a good-looking piece of kit. I replaced my drip tip too for a low profile cone shape and it looks stunning!

Drop-Solo-RDALet’s have some specifications on the Drop Solo RDA

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Single Coil
  • 2 T shaped Airflow holes that are stepped to give options for different styles of vaping
  • Open access to trim your coil legs under the 2 post holes
  • The Post holes have been designed with a notch in to trap round wire coils.
  • 5mm well
  • Squonk pin included
  • 2 caps provided. A stainless steel one and another cap in PMMA for low profile and reduced chamber benefits
  • 24mm beauty ring to give a seamless design with larger devices
  • Colours available are : Stainless steel, Gold & Black
  • Gold plated 510 pins
  • Dimensions are 22mm x 24mm or with the PMMA cap it is 22mm x 22.5mm (include the beauty ring it takes the diameter to 24mm)
  • Comes with spares, coils & various drip tips

Is this worth a buy? 

I tried the Drop Solo for a week and I have to say I couldn’t put it down! I used it on the Lost Vape Skar, which matched it perfectly.

Building on it literally took me 5 minutes. You just drop the coils in get your snips under the legs and get a lovely flush finish. You can either place the coils with the legs placing up or down to change the placement. I opted for a simple clapton coil with legs facing down and pulling the coil over into the deck a bit. So easy to line up with airflow and get plenty of clouds and flavour.

The well means no danger of leakage, no need to drip every minute and provides an all round great experience as a single coil dripper.

Flavour & AirflowDrop-Solo-RDA

Airflow options are great and reducing the airflow creates a more deep flavour I would say but I personally like my airflow wide open but you still get lots of flavour and clouds were good wide open at 50W but close down the airflow and decrease the watts a little and it becomes a discreet RDA, I wouldn’t say stealth but definitely less clouds.

Flavour is so good, I use the same juice for my reviews. I do this as I know I like the juice and I know the flavour well so I can tell small differences from airflow, power and design. The flavour is improved from some of my RDA’s and I would say it is on par with the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA I reviewed a month or so ago. It does give a bit of a throat hit which is no bad thing. This has been made with flavour in mind over clouds.

I changed the drip tip to a low profile drip tip as that is just my preference but I did use the provided tip for a few days before changing it and I didn’t see any loss of clouds or flavour for replacing the tip.


The Drop may be able to do single coil builds but I do think this dedicated Drop Solo is worth a buy. It is a fantastic single coil RDA. Plenty of flavour, low watts and still getting the clouds and flavour. It’s a lovely piece of kit and I really am struggling to find a negative!

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Find out more on the Drop Solo on Digiflavor’s site – Drop Solo RDA

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Drop Solo RDA
Cloud Production
Airflow Options
Ease Of Use
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Great cloud production
  • Easy to build on
  • Adjusting the airflow was a bit stiff
4.6Overall Score

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