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Mace-X Tank Review

Is it an improvement on the original Mace tank?

Ample are a great company and their rep I speak to is a lovely lady and always happy to help. They run regular competitions on the UKVD Facebook group and their prizes always gratefully received. The Mace X tank was a recent giveaway on the group and the members are excited to receive it.Ample Mace X Tank

The Mace X tank is a new and improved version of the original Mace tank.

It adopts the flat coil system and was first seen widely in the Revvo tank. However this is a patented design to Ample. the ADC (Ample Disc Coil) should bring more flavour, more clouds and less power to ramp up. It is essentially a disc shaped coil that sits in the bottom of the tank and has rings of alternate metal and cotton with the wicking cotton underneath. This means that more of the cotton is exposed to the eLiquid and thus meaning you get more flavour and more clouds. A promise of no dry hits too.

I am looking forward to trying this tank out. I don’t use tanks very often so they really do need to perform in comparison to my RDA’s.

Here are some facts on the Mace X tank:

  • Comes in silver, black & blue
  • There is a 5.7ml version which also comes with the 3.7ml glass installed. There is also a TPD version making the tank 2ml. I believe the TPD version is unable to be extended.
  • The diameter is 24.5mm wide a bit more if you take in the bubble glass of the 5.7ml.
  • Height for the TPD version is 43.7mm and the worldwide version is 50.2mm
  • Kits include 2x ADC-XF1 coils, replacement glass 2ml glass (TPD version) or 5.7ml replacement glass (worldwide), spare parts bag & manual
  • Airflow is located at the top of the tank
  • It is a top fill tank
  • ADC-XF1 Coils are rated at .27Ω and 35-90W but best performance is found between 50-75W
  • Replacement coils come in a 3 pack

Ample Mace X TankHow does it perform?

Installing the coil was very simple. I primed the coil first, which took a lot of juice to saturate! Taking the top off to fill was more fiddly as it’s literally a screw top which reveals 2 large holes to get juice into. As it is top airflow there shouldn’t be any leaks but I’m leaving it for half hour to just soak more juice in and see if it leaks. Left for an hour and no leaks!

I am using Jammin – Blueberry Jam Tart, this flavour is ultra sweet and strangely a little harsh even at 0mg BUT I love it, it absolutely wrecks my cotton in my RDA so this is a test for this ADC coil. I am using my Voopoo Drag for it to sit atop of.

I start at 45W

Flavour is smooth and rich. It tastes completely different to an RDA and brings out the blueberry more, still very sweet but not sticking to my mouth like it would normally. Still a bit of throat hit from it but not much. Few pops and crackles as the coil settles in but performing well at 45W. Not much cloud though so will up the wattage.

The best it says on the coil is 50-75W so I’ll take it to 55W

It’s a lot warmer to vape but flavour is coming through even more. I’m starting to get the pastry a little more now, still sweet and tasty. Getting more cloud production but they are not very thick but then im not vaping at a high wattage. Flavour is amazing in this tank! I’ve not used a tank properly in a while apart from reviewing and i forgot the convenience of a tank and that often some flavours do taste better through a stock coil. It drinks juice this tank! Ample Mace X Tank

I would like to note I have had no dry hits, I did hear of complaints of dry hits with the original Mace tank so maybe this has now be rectified.

Knocked it up to 65W

starting to get a bit of a caramel taste in the roof of my mouth and but the blueberry jam is very strong at this point, Plenty of clouds now too. It’s getting warmer to vape too and providing a bit of a throat hit. The tank does not benefit from being at an angle, it makes it pop and crackle, no nasty spit back but it’s clearly not liking being at an angle. The coil also immediately stops heating, that might sound a strange thing to bring up but the Smok coils would often continue to vaporise juice after the button was released but this stops dead.

Now at 75W

It’s getting a little too warm for me but flavour is still amazing but it is getting to the point I can’t vape it. Think my sweet spot is 60-65W on this tank. Flavour is so good though at 75W and good amount of clouds, not over the top but enough there to satisfy the urge to cloud things up!

Take it up to the max wattage, 95W

Way too warm for me and boy a throat hit! A lot more clouds too. Starting to get a bit of a burnt sugar taste too at this high. Not for me at this sort of wattage on this tank. I usually vape around 90-120W on my RDA but this coil isn’t made for high watts.


Ample Mace X TankDay To Day Performance

It’s a gem of a tank. Flavour is beautiful on it, no heavy clouding, satisfying at 65W, no dry hits & attractive design.

This tank was built with flavour in mind. It is not a fog machine! The coil works really well and certainly helps with the flavour. Hopefully at some point they will develop other coils for it as I found 95W way too warm and harsh. This could well be personal preference but maybe something to look forward to, a coil able to go over 100W comfortably. After a week the coil was still going strong and the flavour had not muted. Some discolouration but certainly not burnt out.

This is not one for clouds, it produces enough to satisfy but not be intrusive.

Design wise, there is a few niggles. I don’t like the drip tip it feels very thick to put your lips around and I am accustomed to goon drip tips. I also think there should be an option in the spares bag to change O rings to black. I am matchy matchy about my mods and tanks and the yellow wasn’t matching anything, I might see if I can find some O rings from another tank to use instead.

She’s a beau of a tank and well worth your pennies. This will bring a smile to your face with its awesome flavour and performance in general.

(Just make sure you prime your coil correctly!)

Well done Ample on a great new tank 😀

Find out more about the Ample Mace X Tank here – Ample Website

Buy your Ample Mace X Tank on Heaven Gifts – Mace X Tank

Mace-X Tank
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Coil Life
Cloud Production
4.1Overall Score

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  1. Jenny Hall

    A good news that the O-Rings of Mace-X Tank has Red color, blue color, green color, clear color, Black color for choosing. They really doing a good job.

  2. patti rowlands

    sounds fab, I’m defo interested in more flavour! loved the review xx


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