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A hit from the states but will the UK market want it?

One Up is an American brand that was started with a local group of people wanting something to stop them smoking altogether. So they began the path to crafting their own eLiquid brand from scratch.


One Up Vapor has 6 different juice lines but I will be focussing on the One Up range. I was sent them by Premier Vaping who will be the sole distributor of these juices in the UK so it is a bit of an exclusive product to the UK market.

My samples were 0mg and the full range is available in 80ml in 100ml shortfill bottles with 20ml spare to add your 2 nic shots for 3mg. (pics included in review are from American advertising). It is a 70/30 ratio so great for flavour and clouds but this range is for the flavourchasers really. It retails for £19.99 on Premier Vaping and as I say it is exclusive. This is a premium juice and comes boxed in attractive packaging.


Let’s see what the fuss is then…

One-Up-Sour-BeltsSour Belts

Sour Belts is a vaping experience you will want to repeat again and again!

This is a sweet juice and if you are not into your sweet eLiquid’s then this isn’t for you. Sweetener is something very typical in American juice lines and this range doesn’t shy away from that!

This is a sweet but lip smacking sour candy. You really pick up that crisp apple and the sweetness of the strawberry but it really does pack a punch with its sweet and sour sugar-coating. I love this sort of candy so this appeals to me massively.

The flavour is consistent and doesn’t fade. You will enjoy this juice if candy is your thing.


Sour Power


I honestly cannot recommend this juice enough!

From the smell alone you know you have something special here. The crisp green apple flavour really stands out on this juice. After vaping it’s almost like I’ve just had a bite of a real apple, it’s that amazing. 

The other flavors in this juice serve as a backdrop to compliment the crispness of the apple, I get the zesty taste of the lemon and lime. This is a very smooth vape with no harshness. There is a small hint of coolness too, which works to make this the perfect blend.




One Up eLiquidOrgasm/Orgasm Ice

When I tried this first time today all I can say is I am glad I did.

Smooth, light and refreshing fruit blend that is right on the mark. The watermelon is perfectly paired with guava, with a beautiful undertone of peach. There is a sweetness to it which just rounds it all off. 

This was a big hit at Vaper Expo in May at the Premier Vaping stand and people were begging for samples! It really is good!

I highly recommend this to any fruit lover, smooth, sweet and packed with tons of flavour.

I have put Orgasm Ice in with the Orgasm as it really is the same beautiful flavour just with a cool and fresh finish. Perfect for a hot summer’s day. 


One-Up-Strawberry-GummyStrawberry Gummy

This one really stands out for me!! My first impression when I opened the bottle was this smells amazing!

Well where to start with this ? Firstly on the inhale you get a beautiful jelly strawberry, it’s almost like eating a packet of real gummy bears. After the inhale you get a perfect exhale of a beautiful ripe strawberry.

It’s so so smooth, amazing clouds and such a beautiful blend. This is perfect for the person that is after a very well blended candy juice but with the sweet, juicy strawberry and not a synthetic one. It’s hard to master a decent strawberry but One Up have smashed it!


One-Up-Churros-Strawberry-Ice-CreamChurros & Strawberry Ice Cream

Creamy, doughy & Strawberry goodness! This flavour is about on the market but unlike most liquids out there this has a touch of cinnamon. It didn’t shred my throat, but rather the cinnamon is muted and helps in the background to round off the sweetness of the strawberry and sugary churros flavour. 

A perfect strawberry & churros with a great vanilla cream exhale. You get a sweet flavour in from the strawberry. Then exhaling you taste a delicious a rich and satisfying churros flavour with a sweet creamy finish. The strawberry to me is not too noticeable, but that doesn’t affect the outstanding flavour combo. It is so delicious and has a perfect balance of flavours, with none being too overwhelming.

Try this out if you have not yet tried this sort of flavour. Step out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.


One-Up-Churros-Ice-CreamChurros & Ice Cream

Just the utter of this flavour really makes you want to try it!

Vanilla and churros, it’s a sensational combo! Churros is a common flavour from American brands but no one else has something like this! It is truly amazing. The more I vaped this the more I wanted. 

I’ve vaped it all morning. This tastes great! a perfect blend of sweet ice cream and golden churros rolled in cinnamon sugar. A true delight but maybe a touch too sweet but it doesn’t put me off finishing my bottle.  It’s not for everyone though and it’s definitely for the dessert lovers out there. All I can say it this is a perfect blend, leaving you hungry for more!


One-Up-Churros-CerealChurros & Cereal

The fruity cereal adds somehow to the gorgeous churros. Golden churros fills your mouth first and then you get the cereal on the exhale. Great clouds that are thick and fill a room in minutes with its amazing smell.

It is a perfect combination, its like a churros has been coated in a sticky sugary mess and then rolled about in fruit hoops! The cinnamon still lurking in the background but it is not overpowering at all. It is a perfect vape for those wanting to satisfy a sweet urge in the morning.



Final thoughts

The whole range is a sweet cloud of perfection! This juice is really very sweet and very typical of an American brand, but boy is it good!

From packaging to clouds it rates highly with me. I really cannot fault this range. I was unsure on how cinnamon would work as it can sometimes be a little harsh and throaty but this worked perfectly with the churros. Seriously good churros! I’ve not had churros since a music festival, where I gorged on them all day! They were some of the best things I have ever tasted and this juice matched up with that experience. I just wanted more of it.


The only issue due to the amount of sweetener used, it kills coils and cotton. So this probably is not going to be kind to stock coils but worth a go to try it out. I used a dripper and can change them often but even with my sample bottles of 10ml the cotton had gone brown within 1 bottle! Not the end of the world and taste wasn’t altered but I imagine full day and you will need a new wick. It’s something I can cope with for the stunning flavour.

Overall this is a satisfying range, perfect for a sweet tooth! Not perhaps for those on a budget but premium juice imported is never the cheapest! Give it a try and i swear you will thank me for it (if you don’t tough titty! My tastebuds love it & that’s what a review is 😉 xx)

Buy your One Up from Premier Vaping here & use code UKVD10 for 10% off & FREE shipping on orders over £20 – One Up exclusively on Premier Vaping

Check out the One Up site for the full flavour profiles and to see their other juice lines – One Up Vapors website

Check out reviews to come here – Whats to come on Frannyvapes.com

One Up eLiquid
Great range of juices, full of flavour but very sweet!
Cloud Production
Coil Life
Brand Identity
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Perfect for those with a sweet tooth
  • Churros flavour perfection
  • Premium juice with a price tag but you pay for quality!
  • Very sweet, so some may find it a bit too much
  • Coil killer juice but it's worth it!
4.1Overall Score

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  1. Jackie Owens

    This looks awesome, I enjoyed your review on the juice and on the kit. It’s very helpful that you describe the good and bad about things, where other people just gush about how super the products are.


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