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VooPoo Too Review


So i’m back with this review on the VooPoo Too mod.

I’ve been asked a lot recently whether i think there is a difference compared to the Drag, is the Voopoo Too better? Let’s figure it out in some ramblings…

So i got this mod before christmas from VooPoo themselves, i was sent it in conjunction with running a giveaway on my Facebook group, UK Vape Deals. So this mod has been used for over a month and well tested. I also own the Drag so i can compare them easily & will most likely do it frequently in this review.

Has VooPoo won me over on looks?

Let’s focus on it’s stunning good looks first. I open up the box and reveal this beauty and i immediately fall in love with the rainbow framing of the doors, I am a typical girl who loves rainbows and unicorns lol

I got the carbon doors on my Too, I didn’t get a choice. If i did i would have gone for dazzle. Anyway beggars can’t be choosers!

I take it in my hands and firstly its smooth, so lovely to hold. It straight away feels better than the Drag, the Drag is very boxy and has crisp, clean edges. This appeals to some but it just made it feel a bit harsh, that probably doesn’t make much sense but just boxy. The nice rounded edges sit nice in the hand. The edges on the Drag chip really easily too, this hasn’t got a mark on it in nearly 2 months.

The shape is a little odd. It’s coffin shaped basically. Tiny mouse coffin though lol Anyway this adds to it feeling nice in the hand as it’s form sort of falls in line with how you hold a mod generally. The top is wide! The Drag had terrible issues with overhang, anything 24mm+ had overhang. Bummer that. So the Too has a lovely wide top, that could easily fit a 26-28mm tank/RDA atop. It also has a nice touch of CNC machining along the bottom and top edges so shiny against the black. The 510 is solid and is not a flimsy affair, it isn’t going anywhere!

The doors are a bit strange and a lot of people have wondered about it. Well i believe it is so it is easy to identify which side can be used a solo battery in. The doors are light & the designs are very attractive. I do feel they are aimed at a more female vaper but men can like snakeskin too! So the point of this is you can run this mod on 1 battery and will put out 80W & as a dual it puts out 180W, plenty for most vapers i think. I’m pretty sure at some point the doors will become available separately, you can take the doors off so i’m guessing so.

Jesus, i’ve rattled on a bit about how it looks i’ve not even told you what it fires like!

The Too utilises the GENE chip the same as the Drag but it has had some improvements. I will say i’ve not updated it so i’m still using V1. The Too fires at 10 milliseconds! That is VERY FAST! I press it, i get power! I vape at around 100-140w, depends on coils. I’m getting my hit instantly, i’m not waiting for it to ramp up. Is there a difference here to the Drag? Not really hits the same as the Drag. The chip is accurate, stable & supports USB charging.

It’s got something called ‘soft mode’ which is a nice touch and just makes it a bit cooler and calmer at high wattage.

It has all the usual protection features you usually find on a good quality mod.

Has all the usual functions like Temperature control, type of coil being used & memory presets. So plenty for you to play with in the easy to use menus.



So what do i think?

It is BRILLIANT! I also own a Drag and this always gets picked over the Drag now. It performs amazing at high watts and the added soft feature is nice too. The everyday use hasn’t resulted in any nicks in the paintwork or a door falling off. I don’t have a manual job or anything so i can’t say what it would be like in that sort of atmosphere but to me it’s a pretty mod and not a industrious mod like say an Aegis. Battery life is fabulous on this as well even vaping regularly at 120W.

The Too is good looking, possibly customisable too. It provides me with a good and hard hit in an instant. I enjoy using it to be honest. I get a feeling this is a Marmite mod though. You either love the look of it or hate it. It’s hard to be indifferent i think on it.

Performance compared to the Drag is miniscule if any different.

It is now being sold with VooPoo’s sub ohm tank, the UForce. Not heard much about these tanks yet as only just coming on to the market but bound to be good!

VooPoo are pulling the pants down of the like’s of Smok with the mod’s they are bringing out. Let’s hope they don’t sell out and go for cheaper materials to try and keep costs low and sell high. Losing their integrity of being a big boy without selling out!

So overall it’s a sweet piece of kit and well worth your hard earned money!


I do have a soft spot for Smok…it must be good 😛

Find out more here – VooPoo Too

Buy here –UK Vape Kings – VooPoo Too

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VooPoo Too
A brilliant mod & worth your hard earned cash!
Build Quality Of Mod
Ease Of Use Of Mod
Battery Life
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Superior performance
  • Excellent battery life
4.9Overall Score

2 Responses

  1. Tracie Norman

    I do like the look of the Too
    I have the Drag and find it very hard edges a bit sharp in the hand
    Good review thanks Franny

    • Les

      I like the sound of this mod n it looks really clean set up defo one for a future purchase


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