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Templar RDA

Augvape brought us the Druga which was a highly popular RDA especially for beginners and still recommended to beginners now, it was possibly the RDA of last year. I have one and it was my 2nd RDA. They’ve also brought us mods, squonkers and more. A company full of innovation and creativity that have now brought you the Templar RDA.

So the Templar RDA…Augvape Templar RDA

I received my little tube and got very excited as i opened it. Opened it up and pulled out a lovely black version. They also do a stainless steel and blue version, i was sort of hoping for the blue but black looked fab anyway. (i’ve now done a trade for a blue one, think that shows how much i like it!). I had seen pics with a frosted cap and thought i had to buy it separately. Oh no it’s in the box! So immediately swapped it for the Frosted cap. It is shaping up to be a good looking RDA now!

The deck is very interesting in its T shape and i will admit now i did have to look at builds on google. I wanted to know what was going where BUT once i figured it out was absolutely the easiest of things to build on. Literally judge your coils and then snip to length, bang them in, tighten up and straighten and they are good to go.

So a few stats for you as i should really cover these bits

It is a ample 24mm deck which means you can fit some decent sized coils inside, good for me as i love my big coils.

It is a mere 27mm tall with the standard cap and is side airflow.

It is a velocity clamp deck which makes it easy to build on the Templar RDA. One leg in the clamp and then one through the hole and then tighten down with the titanium screw. You can have a single or dual coil build in this RDA as well.

It has a zirconium dioxide insulator fitted into the deck also, this material is used in dental fillings.

It comes with a gold plated brass pin and a SS gold plated squonk pin.

You get 3 choice of how to have your airflow in the standard cap. In the frosted cap its just 2 holes either side so no option there. It uses a 810 drip tip (Goon fit) and also has a 510 adapter.

It is a low profile RDA and is designed mainly for flavour over clouds. The standard cap to me is where the options are at and the flavour is more prevalent. I am unsure on the design of the standard cap, just doesn’t appeal aesthetically to me but i am a fuss pot on how my RDA’s look. The frosted cap is much more my thing.

What do i think..Augvape Templar RDA

So flavour is spot on with the standard cap, really works well and playing with the airflow is key to finding your sweet spot. The frosted cap is where the clouds are at to me, great flavour and good dense clouds. I love the fact its low profile. I dunno i just prefer them to be small and squat than say something like a pandora which is tall and pretty fat (not dissing the Pandora as it is a brilliant RDA for flavour). I had no leakage really apart from me over dripping a few times but with standard cap it was minimal but the frosted doesn’t really keep it contained and did seem to leak more.

Now here’s some negatives…

Both caps get really really hot! On the standard the drip tip takes the heat but on the frosted it gets very hot, almost too hot to put your lips too. I thought maybe it was my build and my big coils but i put smaller ones in and it still was happening.

The frosted cap after 2 weeks of use it has started getting little cracks in around the base where I’ve put the cap on and off. I’ve not been heavy handed with it but its obviously very fragile and not for everyday use, sadly 🙁 *UPDATE – The cap has now snapped off a bit so lasted 2 cleans :/

Despite these 2 negatives i absolutely love it! I love building on it, i love using it but i am wary of chain vaping with it incase it gets hot and i burn my lips.

The Templar RDA is very easy to build on, great for a beginner and intermediate RDA user. Flavour is excellent with the standard cap and the frosted still good for flavour but clouds aplenty with that cap. Looks fab, performs great and definitely one to buy as it is inexpensive and well worth shelling out for. Templar RDA With Coil Fairy Coils

Thanks Augvape for sending me the RDA to try and i hope we can work together in the future 🙂 

Check out the Templar RDA on the Augvape site – Templar RDA

Buy it from Evolution Vaping – Buy Templar RDA

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Augvape Templar RDA
A brilliant RDA. Easy to build on for the beginner but great for any vaper as an all day RDA. Design is good, Airflow options though out and flavour is top notch but sacrificing clouds for it. Only let down really is that cap that fell to bits & getting hot.
Best Features
  • Excellent deck for beginners
  • Good flavour
  • Quality construction
Let Downs
  • Spare cap fell to bits
  • Gets very hot
  • Not great for cloudchasing
4.0Overall Score

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