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Is Bumblebee eLiquid like vaping nectar?Bumblebee Eliquid

I was sent the Bumblebee eLiquid range after running a competition on the UKVD Facebook group. I must say thank you for sending them out to me.

Bumblebee eLiquid started up back in 2012 & has now become an established, trusted and respected eLiquid manufacturer. They have continually perfected their range to create the newly branded range. You can now buy from their own online shop and in stores across UK & Europe.
The range is made with high quality ingredients in a professional set up. The consistency of products and maximum flavour at the forefront of production.
Bumblebee eLiquid comes in 50 & 100ml short-fill. 10ml TPD is also available plus a flavour concentrates range. They also do a sample pack of flavours which for those needing to try them before committing to a big order. 10ml samples are £2.50 each, £13.99 for 50ml & £21.99 for 100ml. The sample pack is £10 for 5x10ml. They also give FREE UK SHIPPING on orders over £10.
70/30 blend which means it’s generally great for flavour & cloud production.

So let’s get on with testing these juices out

Lemon RefresherBumblebee Eliquid

This is a beautiful juice! Tastes just like eating real blackberries and raspberries paired with a nice glass of fresh lemonade. It’s not an artificial flavour at all, and it’s not too sweet or overpowering either. 

A nice, smooth, refreshing all day vape for a summer day. It is so smooth, sweet and refreshing. I can’t get enough of this, it’s made with precision. I highly recommend this amazing flavour for any person after a fresh, sweet & fruity flavour!!!

This is a carefully crafted blend of quality ingredients to produce a fantastic bright and fresh juice.



Grape SodaBumblebee Eliquid

This unique & flavourful  grape eLiquid by BumbleBee E-liquid is a real treat. Packed full of vine-ripened sumptuous juicy flavour, every puff of this delicious juice will remind you of sipping on sparkling glass of grape soda at family occasions!

Grape Soda eLiquid by BumbleBee is the perfect vape for fruit lovers and soda lovers alike, it packs a real soda punch you can shake up anytime without it ever losing it’s fizz! This Grape soda makes a delicious daily vape. Full of flavour, sweet and smooth to vape. A winner when it comes to grape!




Bumblebee eLiquidNippy Blackcurrant

The balance is perfect with this juice, Nippy Blackcurrant is top quality & i am fussy with my blackcurrant! I’m vaping this on some Ohmslife0.1 series alien coils and the flavour is outstanding.

This juice is out of this world. BumbleBee E-liquid clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to making their blends. Using obviously the best concentrates to create superior juices. Lower wattage gives you a more prominent menthol while higher wattage gives you more blackcurrant. Lung hits are totally fine with no choking and dribbling on yourself! 

To sum this juice up think of black currant throat sweets perfect if you’re going through a bout of vapers tongue. Gives the palate a good wake up call. I highly recommend this beautiful juice this is one of the best blackcurrant flavours I’ve ever had!!!



The Big FreezeBumblebee Eliquid

Let me start with off with BRAIN FREEZE! This juice is just maxing out the cooling effect!

The first thing you will notice when you open a bottle of The Big Freeze by BumbleBee E-liquid is the aroma of grapes. Although the flavour of this eJuice is complex, the actual taste is quite light. It is sweet but you don’t get the complexity you normally get with a juice like this. 

You will find it hard to put this e-liquid down once you try it. When vaping The Big Freeze is the grape flavour is prominent on the inhale & exhale. You will pick up the cold hit of the Koolada better on the exhale. This is a very refreshing vape, It has been blended so well that you don’t get any weird chemical taste. So this juice of another one for the fruit lovers, grape is hard to get right as I have found with many other brands.

You need to try it to see how amazing it is!


Black LemonadeBumblebee eLiquid

Black lemonade by BumbleBee E-liquid is a beautiful Blackcurrant lemonade with an amazing after effect of koolada. It is a whirling tangy but sweet blend of sumptuous fresh blackcurrant, drenched in a thick mist of lemonade. This will bring your taste buds to life in a single vape. It definitely has that wow factor and will leave you in complete awe. The Blackcurrant and Lemonade compliment each other perfectly to deliver a refreshing hit but not too much of a cool vape. I believe this is perfect and can be enjoyed all year round

This is the perfect mix of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an incredibly extraordinary taste. I have tried a few blackcurrant lemonades and this is up there in my favourites. Well worth trying out if you are into this flavour.


Cushty Custard

Bumblebee Eliquid

The flavour is a rich, thick, creamy and smooth vanilla custard. All I can call it is a stunning dessert all day vape. I’m praising the smoothness and sweetness of the mix and the well-balanced flavours that come through perfectly. I get the nuttiness of the almonds and I can almost feel the crunchiness of the biscuit.

If you like a thick, creamy custard and you also like a smidgen of biscuit you are doing to love this. The balance of the blend is just out of this world. I can’t express how sweet and smooth his juice is, it’s a game changer for sure. So this is for the dessert lovers out here, if you like desserts then get this juice!



Bumblebee eLiquidPretzel Cake

It just gets better! Pretzel Cake is amazing! I get like a taste of sweet sugar and Cinnamon Coated pretzels this will be your favourite for sure. It tastes like a hot pretzel coated with a thick layer of sweet cinnamon sugar, making this juice just as desirable as the real thing. 

It perhaps isn’t for everyone as like in reality not everyone likes pretzels but they really have cracked this flavour. I was hesitant as it does seem an odd combination but it works really well. Give it a go, maybe buy a sample first to see what you think before buying a shortfill but you won’t be disappointed.



Strawberry & Cream

Bumblebee Eliquid

This is a sweet, creamy, smooth vape I can’t get enough of this!! What is there not to like about this gorgeous liquid. You don’t get that terrible synthetic fruit flavour that so many strawberry juices taste of. Here you get fresh juicy strawberries with a balanced cream taste.

Well what else can I say about this? It is what it says on the bottle, just a superbly blended fresh juice. This would be perfect for a fruit lover perhaps delving into desserts, a transition juice so to speak. You get that creamy inhale with a perfect strawberry exhale, this is definitely an all day vape you won’t tire of.




Right from the moment you look at the bottles it smacks of quality. This juice has been well thought about. A distinct and fresh look for the labels which have clear information on them. Childproof caps on the bottles is a great safety feature also.

The juice itself is superb! A selection of flavours perfected over time and executed with precision. This is not a fly by night company, they have been around a long time in the vaping scene and have progressed over the years.

The sample pack being offered is a good sign of how they know the market. The last year since TPD people have cried out for 10ml or even 5ml sample packs from companies but very few actually do it. I know profit margins are tight if any on them but surely gaining a customer for the sake of not making much on a 10ml sample pack is better than not gaining that customer at all? So please do try the sample pack if you are unsure on my review as I don’t think the range will disappoint.

Overall this company have brought some delicious juices to the table and I would recommend them. Price is not what the UKVD members are used to but hey you pay for quality!

Buy your Bumblebee eLiquid on their website – Bumblebee eLiquid Site

Bumblebee eLiquid
Cloud Production
Brand Identity
  • Fantastic flavour
  • OK cloud production
  • Sample pack available
  • It is rather expensive
4.0Overall Score

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