What cotton is the best? 

This question comes up a lot on the UKVD Facebook group. So i have decided that perhaps a guide on the most popular brands would be a good idea. It is my views & i am sure many will disagree with some of what i say but it is just what i find. I will add to this as i get new samples of cotton in to try and make it as comprehensive as possible.

I was sent some samples of cotton from the lovely members on the UKVD group. Thanks guys!

We use cotton for our RDA’s, RDTA’s & RTA’s. The cotton is used as wick to go through the coil and hold the juice. A good cotton should have no break in time, good saturation, able to take high temperatures without burning and give a good clean taste of your favourite juice. Many cotton’s are organic, unbleached etc so we will see how that affects each one.

I personally use Fuzz from The Yorkshire Vaper. I have tried a fair few before settling on this one but i am always open to try others. I will try and bring you a few facts on each brand so you know where it has come from, what the manufacturer states what it is like & my own findings on each one. I will take photos of each one so you can see what each cotton looks like.

So let’s get on with testing….

Fuzz by The Yorkshire Vaper ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

This is what they say:

The Yorkshire Vapers’ very own organic vape wicking cotton.
In this tin you will find one yard (~0.9m) of finest quality cotton; designed for use in RDA’s & RTA’s this cotton is highly absorbent and has a high heat tolerance. The grain of the cotton allows you to tear pinch and wick with ease.

Fuzz In Csmnt RDA

Fuzz In Csmnt RDA

What do i think:

I’ve put my favourite up first to set the benchmark. It is perfect for me. It does require a tiny bit of break in but there isn’t any bad taste it just tastes a bit fresh i suppose. It holds it’s shape really well, it doesn’t collapse on you after a day of use like some do. I do rewick every 2-3 days with Fuzz, it probably doesn’t need it but i like to keep things fresh and a rewick just revitalises the flavours for me. Saturation is unreal, can dump loads of juice on and it sucks it up! It is really fibrous and rich in texture. It is organic which is a plus point as it means no nasties have been added to it. A brilliant cotton & my favourite.

Purchase from the Yorkshire Vaper – Fuzz Cotton

This is to me is the one all these other have to beat! Can they change my mind…



Fuzion ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What it states on the tub:

Fuzion cotton. Made in the Philippines for vapers by vapers, 100% natural cotton, Highly absorbent, Temperature resistant. 

What do i think:

Fuzion Cotton

Fuzion Cotton In Goon V1.5 RDA

I bought this at Vaper Expo UK in May, it was being sold for £5 a tub, so a bargain!

This is a 100% cotton, it is unbleached but no claims of organic.

First impressions, there is A LOT of cotton for your money! I did struggle to work out how to get a piece off. Think this was just me being thick more than anything lol So i found the end (took it out the tub and wound a bit off) cut a length off and inspected it. It is extremely fluffy and very soft. I tend to pull the strip apart so it’s really thin and then re-roll it into a sausage so it held it together as i pulled it apart, the resulting sausage was really smooth and silky.

First attempt of wicking didn’t go well..I pulled it through and it snapped as i pulled it out if that makes sense, this could well have been me but it did seem to fall apart a bit more than Fuzz. So got it all wicked up, juiced up and ready to go. It really took a lot of juice on board, i mean a lot more than usual. I do soakings in a couple of stages so it has time to suck it all up and then i top it up, this cotton needed 3 loads!

So how does it vape?

Perfect is the answer. It has no break in, no funny taste at all, just pure flavour from the juice. It holds it’s shape really well even after 4 days i have zero need to rewick and flavour is still as good as when i first wicked up.

I vape regularly at 110-120W and it took this with no issue so definitely temperature resistant.

This is a outstanding brand of cotton. If you are a little less ham fisted than me then you won’t get the breaks like i did but yeah it requires a little bit more attention to how you prepare the cotton to wick. Excellent is the word for it and well worth your money. God knows how many wicks i’ll get out of this tub, hundreds i bet! This will not disappoint.

Purchase from Evolution Vaping – Fuzion Cotton

The Cotton Candy Collection ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What it states on the site:


The Cotton Candy Collection is organically grown and refined using a steam extraction distillation process specifically formulated for casual vaping and cloud chasing alike.  The process used to perfect our cotton does not affect the integrity of the fibers, leaving you with a pure, durable wick that doesn’t demand constant changing.   Our cotton does not require a “break-in” period, meaning, users are able to enjoy their juice immediately (with no undesirable flavors).   We confidently stand behind our product, thus The Cotton Candy Collection comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

What do i think: 

Cotton Candy Collection

Cotton Candy In The Dead Rabbit

I again bought this at Vaper Expo UK in May. It is one i’ve wanted to try for some time and i am glad i bought it! Think it was £6 on the VIP Vapers stand.

So it is soft, and i mean light as a cloud and silky, this is not a tough abrasive cotton. It is whirled up, guessing about a yard of cotton so plenty of wicks with this tub. It is very easy to use, cut a strip off, pull a strip off and roll and ready to go.

How does it vape?

It holds it’s shape really well, been using same cotton for a week and it’s  not withered at all. The flavour is amazing from it, there was no break in and no odd tastes just pure flavour. It was very easy to fluff up at the ends and performs well even at high wattage, no weird burning or decreasing of flavours from this even after a week.

Overall this is one of the best out there, so many people rate it but it seems a little underused, maybe not as widely available as most cottons. This is a must buy if you are looking for a clean taste, soft cotton which is durable and easy to work with.

Purchase from VIP Vapers – Cotton Candy

Fiber Freaks ⭐ ⭐ 

What it says on the pack: 

Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend pads

Experience the original blend of our high-end cellulose with one of the best organic cotton. The Fiber Freaks COTTON BLEND associates purity and strength to the roundness of cotton.

Extract from website:

The Fiber Freaks COTTON BLEND is the world’s first wicking product that contains a blend of different materials. The high taste neutrality of their cellulose is one of it’s  major assets; the taste of the e-liquids is clear and pure. Fiber Freaks wanted to bring greater diversity to their range of wick tastes.

Some plant fibres affect the taste of the e-liquid, giving it extra tone. This is the case for cotton; particularly favoured by many vapers. Perfectly purified, it brings a particular roundness to the taste.
Fiber Freaks have selected organic Pima cotton cultivated in the USA and have developed a specific purification process and their COTTON BLEND is: 

The highest quality soft cotton – Purified – Unbleached  – Mixed with Fiber Freaks Cellulose fibres to combine all the qualities of the different materials in a unique wick  – The roundness of flavour of cotton combined with the purity and strength of cellulose. – COTTON BLEND is available in pads, strips and pre-cut wicks. – Supplied in a practical and attractive “soft touch” zip-lock pouch.

**Upon searching for the website i found the web address they give on their packets is up for sale. A Facebook search only yields a result for Fiber Freaks Phillipines but the original brand is european, so not entirely sure what’s happened to them but you can still buy the cotton so i will review it.**

What do i think:

Fiber Freaks In Recoil Rebel RDA

Fiber Freaks In Recoil Rebel RDA

I never really got into pads of cotton, i disliked Muji a fair bit and after a few go’s i gave up on it. This is different. It is a pad BUT you can pull it apart very easily to get some lovely fluffy cotton, as you can see in the picture it fluffs up beautifully. You can’t tell it’s a blend, it’s soft, strong and really nice to wick with.

You get a little resealable pouch with 4 pads in, will get you around 10 sets of wicks if you are careful (less if you use big coils like me, i used 3/4 pad to wick 3.5mm coils).

well it didn’t take much to juice them up, it doesn’t seem to hold on to juice like some of the others.  This might mean it means you’ll be dripping more often, we will see.

How does it vape?

Hmmm there is a bit of a strange taste if i’m honest. I am getting my juice but there is a hint of bitterness to it. Does seem to dry out quick too it’s  purely cause it won’t hold much juice. Taste eventually goes but there is a break in time and the fact i can’t rely on the cotton drying out puts me off a little.

This isn’t the best of cotton’s, there is better out there that work out cheaper than this when you go by how many wicks you get. It might only be £2 a pack but you are only getting 10 sets from that and for £6 you can buy a yard of fuzz and get 50+ from it. I would rather pay a little more upfront and get good cotton with better performance.

Purchase from Creme De Vape – Fiber Freaks

Vandy Vape Cotton Loops ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What is on the Vandy Vape website:

Vape cotton loops x 2.5ft – 100% Japanese cotton – Weight: 15g – Size: 160x99mm

What do i think: 

Vandy Vape Cotton Loops In Apocalypse RDA

Vandy Vape Cotton Loops In Apocalypse RDA

First impressions it is really a run of the mill cotton.

On par with cotton bacon V2 i would say. It comes in strips that out of one strip you could probably get 3 sets of wick. This is of course if you do it like me the pull it apart to thin it and then re-roll.

It is very soft, long fibres and very white. No claims of organic status or any info on if purified or bleached but it does seem very clean and fresh, more manufactured than the others i have used so far.

If there is such a thing this is an entry level cotton.It’s easy to source and cheap. This is not high quality cotton but will do the job.

How does it vape?

I am very surprised by this stuff! I need to take my comment back of ‘will do the job’! It has brought out a sweetness in my juice, a whole level of flavour that is fresh and even after bedding down it’s still got a sweetness to it. There was very little break in, if at all.

It is extremely kind to flavours and may well bring something new to the table even for a favourite ADV. Easy to wick with, No break in and cost effective. Well done Vandy Vape!

Purchase from Crazy Wire Company – Vandy Vape Cotton Loops

Jellyfish Cotton ⭐ 

What it says on website:

Jellyfish cotton pack has been specifically manufactured for vaping. We selected top rank quality natural organic cotton fiber. The cotton is taken with proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides. The medical level facilities make sure all processing’s are carefully treated and 100 percent tasteless cotton for wicking. 

What do i think: 

Jellyfish Cotton In Templar RDA

Jellyfish Cotton In Templar RDA

It is really soft and fibrous. It is got a really silky feel to it, no roughness at all.

I cut a 3″ long piece off the strip and i could easily get 3-4 sets of wick out of it. It took some pulling apart to get to my desired thickness, which is so i can see through it but no open holes, like looking through a net curtain.

It fluffs up nicely once pulled through, no break as i pulled through and felt strong, if it feels strong it tends to hold it’s  shape well.

How does it vape?

This cotton doesn’t hold much juice and not that absorbent. It seems to sit about on the cotton a fair bit before finally leaching in. This resulted in a bit of a mess when i dowsed the cotton.

Flavour wise, there is a strange flavour. Not entirely sure what it is, tastes a little burnt but cotton is not burnt at all so can take 110w without any burn on .10 coils. This flavour is odd though and not sure if it’s going to go away.

2 hours later…

Weird break in flavour has gone but to be honest now there is near enough no flavour. This stuff is pants.

Purchase from Crazy Wire Company – Jellyfish Cotton

Datt White Stuff ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What it says on their distribution site:

Datt White Stuff cotton pads are extremely high in quality. Why you’ll love it? No chemicals, pesticides or natural oils, super absorbent, high heat resistance & arguably one of the best wicking cotton you will ever use! 

100% Natural & Organic – Unbleached & Pesticide Free – No Dry Spells – Long Lasting – Highly Absorbent – Clean Tasting – Easy to tear for use in atomizers – USA Product

What do i think: 

Datt White Stuff In Pandora RDA

Datt White Stuff In Pandora RDA

Really nice to build with, good texture to it and feels soft but fibrous which to me is a perfect combination. It has long fibres which makes it very easy to work with. It comes apart from the strip easy and there was no breakages while pulling through the coils and it fluffed beautifully.

This feels like a quality bit of cotton.

How does it vape?

Literally zero break in! Great flavour from the first puff. I will say though i’ve vaped on it for a couple of hours and the cotton has already lost its shape a fair bit which makes me think you’ll be rewicking frequently.

The taste is clean, strong and not fading. Maybe not too good on absorption but its negligible compared to a few i’ve tried.

well worth a try if you are searching for something new but it wouldn’t be my go to cotton.

Purchase from Eliquids UK – Datt White Stuff

Coil Master Pro Cotton ⭐ 

What it says on the Coil Master website: 

Coil Master Pro cotton is high-quality cotton dedicated for vaping. No colorant, or chemical treatment. 100% Indonesian organic cotton which will bring you a purer and cleaner taste and vape. Also, this easy to use cotton with 10 strips each pack, making it a great choice for vapers on the go!
100% Indonesian organic cotton – Long lasting chain vape with small dry hit chance – Fabulous flavor and vapor production – Extremely reduce cotton taste at first drop – Stronger nicotine throat hit – Unbleached – No whitener & No chemical added – Made in Indonesia

Coil Master Pro Cotton In Apocalypse RDA

Coil Master Pro Cotton In Apocalypse RDA

What do i think:

This was the end of a packet which i can only assume is in a whirl of cotton and then squeezed in to shape. This mean’t it was a bit like pulling apart a ball of cotton but it worked out and i got a nice sized strip left. Felt very smooth and dense. It didn’t look very fibrous until i pulled it apart and fluffed it up. It was easy enough to form into a sausage and then poke through the coils, there was a little break where the cotton had a clump in it but i think thats a bit half and half who is at fault there.

Looks like a good bit of cotton and feels solid. It will show itself in time..

How does it vape?

Really horrible taste. I mean i don’t think i can vape on it. Tastes like burning plastic. Juiced up plenty but the flavour is rank. I’ve given it roughly 20 pulls and i can’t do no more.

This is awful cotton!

Purchase from Evolution Vaping – Coil Master Pro Cotton

Cotton Bacon V2 ⭐ 

What they say on the Wick n Vape website:

This new version maintains the form users have grown to love with it’s  4″ length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip that allows for easy tearing to fit your size coil. Our U.S. grown dual fiber stacks up to the driest, hi-heat, hi-power applications.

No more Break-in flavor.

Our proprietary purifying process along with clean room packing practices give the user the purest taste from the start. keeping cost down and convenience up we use a food grade P.E.T, re-sealable travel size package.

Our Goal was to create 100% cotton wick that is safe, pure and durable.

4 inch length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip. – U.S. Grown dual fiber for optimal wicking and heat resistance. – No more break-in. – 100% TASTELESS wick. – Large fibers for lo-ohm builds, minimal dry hits. – user-friendly, resealable travel size package.

What do i think:

Cotton Bacon V2 In Drop RDA

Cotton Bacon V2 In Drop RDA

Cotton Bacon V2 was the first cotton i properly used and i thought it was the bees knee’s! Nothing could beat it and i used it solidly for 4-5 months.

I however know it’s flaws. It is easy to rip a bit off, roll it up and get it in but if you go too thick it just pulls apart when you put it through the coils and doing my method just seems to make it weak and again breaks.

It doesn’t hold it’s shape at all. It goes limp and dead within a day. I was rewicking every day with Cotton Bacon cause it just lost it’s flavour, became thin & lifeless. I tried someone’s Native Wicks and was like ‘this is so much better’ and i didn’t think twice about changing brands.

It is a staple for most vaper’s and beginner rebuildable users will generally go for it as it’s inexpensive to buy and easy to use but it is far from premium cotton.

I hope to try Cotton Bacon Prime soon, maybe an improvement on the V2 but i will be very sceptical till i’ve tried it.

How does it vape?

Ahh the good old days…Where it seems to make a perfectly good RDA and coils spit like a bitch at you…ah bless it! It also did something i’d not seen for a while, it caught fire! Build btw is fine and dandy, watts are right but it just wont stop spitting. I remember when i used to use it i had a lot of spitting and it was obviously not my builds but the cotton!

Flavour is there but it’s muted and not at it’s best. I wish people who believe Cotton Bacon to be the best there is would try other brands cause really it’s not great in comparison to other brands.

It does it’s job but there is more to cotton than this average stuff.

Purchase from Premier Vaping – Cotton Bacon V2

Angorabbit Cotton ⭐ 

What it says on the site:

Angorabbit cotton (black) adopts the highest quality 100% organic cotton and removes the cotton impurities through the exclusive process to ensure a better vaping experience. No peculiar smell, better to restore the original e-liquids taste. Each burning for 20 seconds,burning for 3 times in a row,no burning smell absolutely.

What do i think:

Angorabbit Cotton In AIM-9 RDA

Angorabbit Cotton In AIM-9 RDA

There has been talk in the past about this cotton being unsafe to use, there was an article done by Mooch* & the fact the company would not prove its organic (amongst other things) status with paperwork.. I have no idea if that has been resolved but i did enquire about it myself and was sent copies of some certificates that were a little bit hazy to if they were real or not. However i will give this a go.

It is bright white, very long and uniform fibres and very dense. It feels a bit squeaky clean and i’m not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

It was very easy to build with and no breaks, and fluffed up nicely. So to wick with a pleasant experience.

How does it vape?

There is a strange taste, tastes a bit bitter. It doesn’t seem to be going away either. I can get my juice and it’s got good flavour but it does seem to be bringing out a bitter taste or the cotton does in fact have a weird taste.

It seems to give a slight throat hit too, not too sure on why that is to be honest, i’ve not really experienced that before, can a cotton even increase the throat hit?

The juice does soak in well but it also seems to dry out pretty quick and i got a couple of dry hits cause it was dry before it usually would be.

I’m not liking this one i’m afraid, it’s got a strange bitter taste, doesn’t take on a lot of juice and that throat hit is a bit weird.

Purchase from Bold Vape – Angorabbit Cotton

*Article by Mooch – Angorabbit post on Facebook

Kendo Cotton ⭐   ⭐ 

What is on the site:

Kendo pride themselves on producing a product from 100% organic Japanese cotton that has absolutely zero taste, features superior absorption and allows easy switches between different flavours. 

100% Japanese organic cotton – Unbleached – Pesticide free – Tasteless – Heat-resistant – Superior absorption – Longer lasting – Low flavour retention – Supplied in a practical resealable pouch with authenticity check sticker.

What do i think:

Kendo Cotton In Loop RDA

Kendo Cotton In Loop RDA

I’ve had Kendo Gold before and i think i tried to wick 5 times and gave up and got rid of the pack. This i’ll be honest was again terrible to work with. It fell apart, hard to get a decent sized length together without a part being thin so once you start pulling it through it snaps. It feels messy and really coarse but i suppose soft too but its like trying to wick with horse hair.

Kendo Gold tasted bloody awful too. I mean it made me gag, i really hope this is different..

How does it vape?

Well it turns out original Kendo is wonderful! It absorbs plenty of juice and a few pulls that are a bit weird tasting but flavour is very nice and clean.

It doesn’t appear to lose shape either and does not burn or taste weird when vaped at high watts, took it to 150w (my max generally) and it took it no problem.

I do think i would buy a pack of this as it’s good for flavour but the only let down is the irritating way it falls apart while creating your wick.

If you hated Kendo gold but perhaps liked the texture then try the original as you have not got the terrible taste that gold has. Try this out well worth it.

Purchase from Vape Green – Kendo Cotton

Puff Cotton ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What it says on a website:

The finest Puff Japanese cotton. Without any chemical treatment whatsoever, we can assure you that this organic cotton is perfect for vaping. Wicks well, produces a smooth even flavour too. It doesn’t get any better! 

What do i think:

Puff Cotton In Trishul RDA

Puff Cotton In Trishul RDA

Another pad and i was thinking this is just another version of Muji. Perhaps it is but once pulled apart it became beautiful, soft cotton that was a joy to work with. They are quite short fibres but it seems to work just fine and doesn’t go all bitty like Muji does for me.

There was no breaks, easy to roll up and fluffs up lovely once put in place.

It really is nice to use and cheap. It’s same price as Muji pretty much but it just seems better quality.

How does it vape?

Another one that seems to make my juice sweeter.

No break in on this cotton either and just pure flavour. Vaping at 100W on a .14 set of coils there is no burning taste and no dry hits. Does seem to take a while for juice to soak in so you have to be a little careful with dripping.

I am surprised again by a pad of cotton. I really dismissed these as cheap and crap but i am very wrong it seems its just Muji i have a problem with.

I wouldn’t make it an every day cotton but if i needed a back up pack then i would choose this as it’s cheap, flavourful and the pack is so big.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Purchase from Vapour Depot – Puff Cotton

Swag ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What it says on the site:

The SWAG Project – Ultra Heat Resistant Cotton 1 Meter 

The SWAG Project Cotton is 100% Organic Cotton fibre which was created for vapers by vapers.  The cotton fibres “wick” incredibly well without the need of a “break-in” period. 

Resist High Temperatures – Handles Temperatures up to 300 degrees.
Less Dry Hits – No more burnt cotton which causes dry hits.
100% Organic – Made from organic cotton. No Nylon, Acrylic or Silica content.
No Bleaching – No odour, no chemicals.

Cotton Fibre: 62.5%
Cellulose Fibre: 37.4%
Water Insoluble Matter: 0.09%

What do i think:

Swag Cotton In The Dead Rabbit RDA

Swag Cotton In Dead Rabbit RDA

I got sent this tub by a lovely member, thank you so much!

It is so fluffy and soft. It is a whirl of cotton so easy to get a strip off. It does feel a little squeaky but that seems to be a show of quality amongst cotton.

Easy to do my way of wicking, created a smooth and soft sausage to wick with and fluffing it up at the ends was very easy and you could see the texture at it’s best and the lovely long fibers which makes it very easy to pull through and not break.

Really nice to wick with and feels rich in texture and clean.

How does it vape?

So all wicked up and ready to go, coils coming in at .14 and vaping at 100w. Soaked in juice and it just sucked it up! Dead Rabbit isn’t the best RDA to keep cotton’s shape, it just goes limp as soon as you put juice on. This happens with every cotton so i am not blaming the swag on this.

Straight away you have rich, warm flavour. A little bit of a new cotton taste but minimal. I’m not having to drip as often as some of the other cottons due to it being so absorbent and holding onto a lot of juice.

This cotton can apparently be washed and reused, not sure i’d be doing that, as an emergency measure you could do it i suppose. I would just prefer a fresh bit of cotton.

After using it for about half hour the little hint of new cotton has gone and the flavour is brilliant and picking up the sweetness and rich blackcurrant. It’s an awesome cotton!  To be honest not much of the shape has been effected and i’m sure it’s cause it’s so dense and fluffy that it just holds onto juice and keeps it firm.

I think this is a pretty new brand and i think they are definitely up there with the big boys. All i can say is give it a go!

Purchase from Ecigone – Swag Cotton

Anarchist Cotton ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What the site says:

Anarchist Cotton Organic Japanese Cotton is all the rage. It’s cleaner, more absorbent, and free of perfumes, dyes, and chemicals. These Organic Japanese Cotton Pads by Anarchist Cotton are ultra-absorbent, and the perfect size and density to provide a great cotton wick for vaping. Each pack contains six Organic Japanese Cotton Pads in a resealable plastic pouch.

What do i think:

Anarchist Cotton in Apocalypse RDA

Anarchist Cotton in Apocalypse RDA

We all know the brand Anarchist and they make quality juice so can they produce top quality cotton too? YES.

The pads are very natural looking and have speckles in from i’m gathering bit of the actual plant i don’t know if i’m supposed to pick them out or not, i opted for leaving in as i can’t see how it would harm me.

Pads are quite thin compared to others but once you pull the top and bottom layer off you are left with a fair bit of lovely soft and fluffy cotton. Very easy to manipulate into shape and wick with.

It has pretty short fibers but it doesn’t effect how you wick, some tend to fall apart if short but this didn’t.

Price is a little steep but well worth it i think if you want some treat cotton!

How does it vape?

It can sup up the juice! It did lose it shape after only an hour or so which is a little disappointing. However…Flavour is brilliant, really clean and fresh. hardly any break in but did taste a bit funky for a few pulls but that’s it.

It’s on par with the Puff cotton, smooth flavour and easy to use. This one is perhaps a tad softer and more fibrous but it’s very similar.

Is it worth the price tag? Perhaps as it is a more refined and cleaner vape. I think pads are down to preference, some people love them and others don’t like them very much. Personally i’d never switch to a pad but the ones i’ve tried so far it would be a close race between Puff and Anarchist.

Purchase from UK Vape Store – Anarchist Cotton


Out of all the cotton’s it’s Fuzion, Cotton Candy & Fuzz that are my favourites. I prefer a soft and fluffy cotton with a clean and fresh taste and these 3 deliver that in spades. I think pads are not for me, just don’t seem to have the same density as the strips of soft cotton and lack lustre when it comes to flavour.

However it’s all personal preference, maybe even what juice you use and watts you put out. These are my opinions and to be taken with a pinch of salt lol

Cotton varies and i do think the organic and cottons least processed perform the best. Most cottons can withstand high heats now so i don’t think that on the whole matters too much when coming down to choosing. To me it’s all about flavour and if that break in taste lingers cause if it does it ruins the whole experience and could even put you off a juice if you couldn’t get that taste out your head.

The ease of wicking with these cottons also plays a big part. If it starts breaking up or i can’t thin it out to how i like it, i tend to go off it very quickly. I find it a pleasure to build, it’s one of my favourite relaxing things to do. So my cotton has to be pleasant to work with and look good, i know that shouldn’t be a factor but i love to take photos of my builds and i feel satisfied if it looks good, if it does look nice and tidy it generally vapes brilliant too.

Prices range from £2-£9 and my findings were that pricey or cheap you can get good cotton. So don’t be put off cause it’s cheap cause some like the puff cotton are great for every day use and especially if you vape on a budget it totally makes sense to buy a big pack of those over a yard of Fuzz.

I used a wide range of RDA’s to try these cottons out but i used my trusty V-Juice Blackcurrant as the juice, it’s a tried and tested one for me and i know what it should taste like. I mainly vaped between 80-120W so the cotton was subjected to a lot of heat. I tried to test them all equally but a few were obviously tested for longer as i use the cotton frequently.

I hope this review helps you in some way to choosing your perfect cotton for use in your rebuildables.

Please share and comment 🙂

Thank you x

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2 Responses

  1. Jackie

    Hi Franny really enjoyed your review on the cotton. As a Newby, just wondering if you could do some tutorials if you have the time, on making your own coils.

    • Franny

      hi jackie
      i don’t actually make my own coils, i get handmades done for me. i would be useless at making my own coils! If you look on youtube there is loads of informative videos that can show you how to make them, alternatively try the coil makers i’ve got at the bottom of this review, if you click on each pic it will take you to their fb page or website where they will be more than happy to make you some coils 🙂
      If you would like a video showing how to install coils, or a step by step instruction style post i can do that for you at some stage. However we all build differently and what works for me might not work for you but it can show you the basics and how to position them right, how to get them to heat evenly etc.
      Hope some of that info helps you 🙂


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