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Another to add to the list rebuildable MTL’s out or does the Hastur RTA stand out?

cthulhu-hastur-mtl-rta-miniCthulhu Mods sent me the Hastur MTL RTA Mini to give an honest review. Cthulhu Mods make unique RDA’s, RTA’s & RDTA’s for vapers and have done so since 2014. They have their own CNC factory and take on ODM/OEM & co-designing with companies to bring great products out that are perhaps a little different to the norm.

First Look

The package turned up and upon opening I found a round metal tin, already pleasing me! Open it up and the Hastur is inside a foam cut out and all the spares underneath. I will note no coils came with the RTA so make sure you can either run a quick coil up or have some MTL coils to hand. The RTA looks amazing! It feels smooth, well machined and I’m completely taken with the logo embellishing the chimney-piece. It smacks of quality and of a RTA that has been well designed at least to the eye! The spares bags contain all the usual and the spare glass is a lovely frosted piece which is nice and unique. Overall packaging and first look it is ticking the boxes.


  • Classic and simple design by Brian N(CA,USA)
  • 22mm(W) x 30mm Without drip tip (H)
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • 3 air holes on air flow control ring are optional (Dia. 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm)
  • Small chamber for better flavour
  • Easy refilling system – Thread-less refilling top cap to reduce positive pressure
  • Includes
    • Hastur MTL RTA Mini
    • Steel tip
    • Delrin tip
    • Spare bag
    • Frosted glass


The deck lends itself to a quick and easy build. The spares bag does not contain coils, most rebuildables I review have a set of coils luckily I had some MTL style coils. The one I used is a MTL Staple coil SS ID-2.5mm & comes at .5Ω . It is a fab little coil, maybe not as high ohms as it could be but should get good flavour & a nice vape from it. It is 2 simple Phillips screws to hold the coil in place. There is 2 air holes in the deck under the coils which are .7mm each. Wicking wasn’t too difficult a little fiddly as it would be with such a small deck and chamber. I got it so the wick was barely touching the deck, thinned out well and looked good. Now to try it out.

How does it vape? 

Once the coil and cotton was primed I filled it up. Now the Filling cap is a little different on this, you use the drip tip to push down and turn to undo and close. This is to reduce positive pressure that causes leaks. There is a claim on the site ‘say no to leaking’ and I have had no leaks so far. Seems to wick well, I am using Swag cotton, I usually use Cotton Candy but I have run out so giving Swag a whirl on my rebuildables at the moment.

So started off on the widest hole on the airflow ring and honestly it is AMAZING! Flavour is so strong and rich. I decided to use my CBD from Peng in this one and it has brought out the really strong fruity flavours of the terpenes. No problems with wicking and I have had no dry hits or leaks. I am using the shorter delrin tip but will also try with the long stainless steel one. The airflow is very restrictive but not so much I feel like I am having to try like you do with some MTL set ups. It gives off enough vapour to be satisfying but you certainly won’t be clouding rooms with it. I am using it on 18W so nice and low which is exactly what you want for CBD and for a MTL vape. The vapour is smooth and cool, I did play with the wattage a bit but 18W seemed about right for me personally. I am using the Voopoo Mojo, this is my go-to mod if I am using a MTL rebuildable. I might be sticking my neck out here but this may be the best MTL experience I have had!




Restricting the airflow it was a tighter pull but flavour was just getting better! 2nd hole made the vape a little warmer but still a satisfying and flavourful vape not at all uncomfortable to vape. Smallest hole was a little too restrictive for me and I did feel like I was trying a little with it but it really does simulate that feeling of smoking a cigarette, right down to the amount of clouds it produces. Personally I liked the widest hole as it gave me everything I wanted but I am a DTL vaper so I do prefer a slightly airy vape but you are still restricted compared to any sub-ohm tank or RDA.


What can I say? It is rich, full and deep. It is perfect for a flavourchaser. It’s like I’ve never tasted this juice before but I vape it daily in a pod system. So good!


Buy it! If you are into flavourchasing and love your MTL rebuildables you will love this. It is a little pricey perhaps but I personally think it is worth it. The small chamber, restrictive airflow all lends itself to producing outstanding flavour and a cigarette like feeling of vaping. This is a true MTL, it is not a restricted DTL like some that claim to be MTL. It is designed beautifully, the frosted glass looks lovely too. The cap is innovative and has prevented leaks. The different drip tips give their own experience, I preferred the delrin as its slightly wider and shorter.

It’s all about the flavour & it delivers! Perfect MTL RTA in my opinion. 

Buy the Hastur MTL RTA Mini on Beaum Vape – Click here

Cthulhu Mods Hastur MTL RTA Mini
Amazing MTL RTA! Can anything top it I wonder?
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Cloud Production
  • Wonderful flavour
  • Very simple to use
  • A true MTL experience
  • Wicking was fiddly
  • A little expensive at £27
4.6Overall Score

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