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As many of you know Ecigclick hold awards each year for the UK vape industry. I was nominated for an award this year, I was surprised I was nominated for best blogger. I then went through to the finalists and thought no way I get in the last 3…Well, I did!

Mooch deservedly got 1st place for best blogger/vape writer. Mooch does so much for this industry and his findings on batteries etc are used worldwide as a source of information on batteries. He is highly regarded and he won by a mile at 50% of the vote. I came second though, to Mooch!! That’s not bad going! Steam Pugs came third, another great reviewer.

I gave up smoking 2.5 years ago and first picked up a set up and started vaping. In 2017 I took on the Uk Vape Deals group and from there I have developed a lot of friendships, become a trusted member of the vape community and developed into having my site showcasing my reviews. I go to expos with the fabulous Premier Vaping and they really treat me well and the group members.

I was honestly surprised that I came 2nd. Something I never set out to achieve. This sounds right sappy but I feel valued by an industry that essentially saved my life. I committed myself to the scene and I got somewhere in my life. I don’t hold down a proper job, I don’t get paid, there is no bullshit with me. I never got into this to make money. I wanted to make people make the change, stay off the ciggies, create a happy community, give advice and be part of a scene i adore. The group is over 40k members now and I’ve done 700 competitions since 2017! That is madness!

I am at my happiest in the vape community. I work hard at making sure UKVD stays on top and is valued by our community. I owe Damian the biggest of thanks for giving me the chance to change the group. Who would have thought Damo we would be the Best Group in the ecigclick awards and I would get 2nd for vape writer! We have come a long way since starting UKVD and I love you Damian, we don’t often be soft with each other, you are always telling me to man up! Seriously you are a great friend and helped me no end with my life. UKVD got me through a tough time in my life and was always where I came to be with friends.

I have so much love for all the members of the UKVD group. From shop owners being naughty with what they say (talking to you Parker & Potter!) to the people who reply to posts offering advice. You lot are amazing. Thank you xxx

Right so roll on 2019 and let’s make this year a success and a chance for me to grow a little more as a person and as a member of a community.

Ta my dears xxx

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