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The craze for VW stick mod’s is in full swing, Do we need this kit from Ehpro?

I was sent this kit by Heaven Gifts so I must thank them for sending me the Ehpro Mod 101 Pro & Lock RDA to review.


The UKVD group keeps me very much in touch with what is trending at the moment in the vape community and variable wattage stick mods are very popular. Stick mods are nothing new, I have reviewed the Prince stick previously but this is a set wattage and drops off as the battery wears down and these mods are generally, if not always an inbuilt battery. With the likes of the Nunchaku on the market does this compare?

Ehpro are a little known company, at least I wasn’t familiar with it until now. I perhaps had seen a couple of rebuildables on the likes of Fasttech but no mods or widely shared reviews. With a small range of vape products do they concentrate on quality than quantity?

The Mod 101 Pro is an updated version of the Mod 101 that has been available for some time. This version has increased in size and power. The Mod 101 pro is a VW mod that can be adjusted to reach 75W, so plenty of power for those single coil RDA’s or even a stock coil tank.

The specifications of the Mod 101 Pro


  • Dimensions – 25mm X 117.5mm
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Wattage – 5w-75w
  • Resistance range – .1 – 3Ω
  • Voltage – 0.5 – 8V
  • TC Range – 100-300°c
  • Screen size – .69″
  • Takes 21700/20700/18650 batteries
  • Modes – Ni, SS, Ti, Bypass & Watts
  • Protections
    • Short circuit protection
    • Over heat protection
    • Reverse battery protection
    • 10S cut-off protection
  • Kit includes: Mod 101 Pro, Heat insulation ring, beauty ring, battery adapter & manual
  • Available in black, stainless steel, rainbow & blue


Specifications for the Lock RDAlock-rda

  • Dimensions – 24mm x 28mm
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Unique deck design. Push fit notch coils & the ability to place your own coils in the deck too.
  • Squonk pin available
  • Side airflow
  • Kit includes: Lock RDA, 2x notch coils, spare parts including squonk pin & manual
  • Available in black, stainless steel, rainbow & blue


What do i think? 

Mod 101 ProEhpro-mod-101-pro


the kit is aesthetically pleasing. It is a pretty big stick mod though, compared to the prince stick it is near enough the same size but the actual mod is a bit bigger. The kit is very sturdy and feels solid, with a battery in it does have some weight to it too. So overall looks wise its very nice and would look good with a tank on top too.

The mod in diameter is 25mm which means most of the popular tanks and rebuildables will fit with ease and you can use the beauty ring that is included so you can use a smaller atomizer on top without spoiling the looks. The beauty ring is a nice touch as many I think would use this for single coil RDA’s which generally are not 25mm and are around the 22mm mark.

Ease of use

The Mod 101 Pro has a single button to operate it and a nice sized screen which is nice and clear. It did take me a little while to figure out how to change settings but basically its 3 quick presses of the button to enter the menu and then one press to pick each different option. To enter the preference you would like to set you just click on to it and leave it for a second or two and then you can change the settings. This is a bit annoying if you want to change the wattage as it means going through the menu every time, it is also worth noting that the watts going up in .5w increments and they cycle through so no up and down. No lock function but turning off is 5 clicks and it says goodbye to you too! It isn’t the simplest cause of the lack of function buttons but it is easy to get a grip of.

You can also run this in temp mode with the option of using SS, Ti & Ni, I don’t personally use temp mode at all so didn’t enter this mode. It is also can be put in bypass mode so essentially turning it into a mech, again not something I play with.

Wattage is from 5W to 75W which is plenty for a single coil or the notch coil provided for the Lock RDA.


The mod takes 21700/20700 & 18650 batteries. To use 18650 batteries you use a battery adapter. I only tested with a 18650 battery and I got good battery life from it. I am a heavy vaper and it lasted 7-8 hours each fresh battery. It is worth noting you cannot charge through the mod. I was mainly using the mod at 45W for it to last that long but obviously if you are running it at 75W it will not last as long.


A fabulous stick mod that produced plenty of power for single coil builds. Once you grasp the menu its easy to use and the fact you can use temp and bypass mods is a nice addition to a mod like this. Good battery life which is a bonus and looks good. The option to use different batteries is good, it means you’ll get even longer battery life. It is a little large BUT with an RDA on top it’s no different to a Prince stick. Feels solidly built and meant to last. Well worth the money in my opinion.


Lock RDAlock-rda


The Lock RDA has a very simple deck but unique one. It is essentially a plug and play for the vaper wanting to step into the world of building but without the hassle. All you need is some notch coils and some cotton and you are good to go. The deck is single coil whether that is with the notch coils or a single simple coil of your choosing. I have reviewed the Lock with the notch coil as I feel this RDA is for the beginner builder.

All you do is push the notch coil into the bay and away you go. The notch coils provided are good from 30W to 50W and I found my sweet spot at 45W. Plenty of clouds and lots of flavour. I was apprehensive that the notch coils wouldn’t be as flavourful as a standard coil but they are very good. Even at 45W which is near the notch’s top end it is still a cool vape. Installing a single normal coil looks pretty easy and the option to build your own is great, especially for those who would want to take the next step after using the notch coil.


Airflow & Well

The well is not very deep and I found it easy to over drip but I am an over dripper by nature! So for someone else the well might not be an issue and I think it is very much user error when it comes to over dripping. You can also use this RDA for squonking which is very popular right now.

It has ample airflow despite there only being the 3 2mm holes either side. These go into the side of the deck and directed at the coils and I found no juice came out of the airflow itself which is only ever a good thing! You can restrict it by moving the nut shaped top cap and the movement is very smooth and doesn’t stick at all. It is not a separate piece, you are literally moving the entire top cap though.


Overall this is an excellent RDA and is aimed at the beginner. A stock coil convert seeking more flavour from their vape. So simple to use even installing a normal coil is easy. A great piece of kit and perfect for the Mod 101 Pro and as a standalone RDA.

A great kit for a beginner builder & as two separate bits of gear they are fabulous. I have not tried another VW stick mod but the Ehpro Mod 101 Pro is a real step up from an internal battery stick mod. The RDA is perfect for those wanting to get into the building but wanting to take baby steps instead of crossing the divide in one big leap! ehpro-mod-101-pro-lock-rda

You can buy the Ehpro kit from Heaven Gifts here – Buy the kit

Or buy separately – Ehpro Mod 101 Pro & Ehpro Lock RDA

Buy the official Ehpro notch coils here – Notch Coils for Lock RDA

Finally use code FRANNY15 for 15% off your order!




Ehpro Mod 101 Pro & Lock RDA
Build Quality
Ease Of Use Of Mod
Battery Life
Cloud Production
Ease Of Use Of RDA
4.4Overall Score

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