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Have Freemax mastered the mesh coil?

Freemax Mesh Pro

I was sent the Freemax Mesh Pro tank by Premiervaping.com to review. I don’t review many stock coil tanks so it is good to get my hands on this tank.

Freemax were one of the first to bring out a mesh coil in 2017 with the Freemax Mesh and this adopted a single mesh coil. Mesh coils are very big in the vape industry right now as they seem to have prolonged longevity and better flavour than the traditional stock coil. With new technology Freemax have now developed the new double, triple and quadruple mesh coil!

First look at the Mesh Pro

I have the 5ml version in purple resin. It is fantastic looking! It’s slimmed down to the original Fireluke resin look. I did feel that the Fireluke was very bulky and would overhang many mods. The box has spare seals, 6ml glass and the double and single mesh coils. So I cannot review the double or triple mesh coils sadly. Would have been nice to get the full mesh range in the box I have to say.


  • (D)25mm x (H)59.8mmFreemax Mesh Pro
  • Weight
    • Standard – 60g
    • TPD – 88.5g
  • eLiquid Capacity
  • Standard – 6ml – 5ml – 4ml
    • TPD – 2ml
  • Made from either – Stainless steel, resin or carbon fiber. Available in multiple colours.
  • Working wattage – 40-120W
  • Adjustable 510 thread
  • 810 Drip tip
  • Patented slide fill top cap
  • Patented vent hole design

How does it perform? 

It’s constructed well and looks amazing in the resin. The slide fill is easy to knock and open up. This hasn’t happened to me but it has been noted in the UKVD group. I don’t like the drip tip though. It feels too thin and sharp, I think a rounded edge and thicker drip tip would be nice. Coils are very easy to install and you cannot go wrong really. the 510 pin is adjustable so it fits any device. Overall it’s good-looking and easy to maintain.

Freemax Mesh ProCoils

There are 4 types of coils for the Mesh Pro. Single, Double, Triple & Quadruple.

Each coils mesh is made from kanthal and laser cut into the mesh. The mesh is unique to the Mesh Pro and is honeycomb in design, this ensures even and stable heating throughout the mesh. The mesh is in close contact with the wood pulp cotton (80% flax 20% cotton) which ensures that the eLiquid is vaporized instantly. The coils now feature 360° leading holes, this is what the cutaway you see in the holes. This is to make sure the cotton stays saturated no matter how much you vape. Overall all this means the coils last longer, can take higher wattages and flavour is an improvement to a standard stock coil.

Wattage ranges for each coil

  • Single – 40-70W
  • Double – 60-90W
  • Triple – 80-110W
  • Quadruple – 90-120W

You will also find the original Firelock coils also fit the Mesh Pro.

I was able to test the single & double mesh coils and I found them to last a week at least of daily medium amount of vaping. The flavour is so much better through these coils. I started on the TFV8 and the traditional stock coil and compared to the mesh coils from Freemax, it is a world apart! I would even say these coils are better than the Smok mesh coils. No dry hits but this tank is very thirsty and I went through more juice than dripping using it, so expect it to drink juice! I would have liked to try the triple and quadruple but maybe I’ll get hold of some at some point and add to this review in the future. The coils are good for flavour and longevity, no complaints from me!


Obviously it’s just a straight swivelling airflow so options are there for any style of vaper. Fully open it is very airy, the drip tip adds to the airy nature and produces dense, flavourful clouds. Flavour is good but this really is for clouds when its wide open. When you start restricting it I found flavour did improve. It has a little stopper so you cannot jam it like you can with some tanks with similar airflow. I really don’t like the drip tip though, I swapped it out to a goon drip tip to try it out and it was a lot more of a comfortable vape. That seems a bit mental but the sharpness of the Mesh Pro’s drip tip is uncomfortable against my lips.


So you have many options when it comes to coils as we have already covered. You can swap out the drip tip. Airflow changes easily. Adjustable 510 pin and you can swap the glasses out to 2ml, 5ml & 6ml. They really have made this to suit anyone’s needs.

Overall conclusion

This is an excellent sub-ohm tank for any vaper. It provides satisfying amounts of clouds at high wattages and airflow wide open, close it down and lower the wattage and you get a lighter vape but full of flavour.

It has lots of options to try which is a plus point. They have covered all bases colour wise too, there is such a wide choice you will find one to suit any device, providing the matchy matchy vapers want!

Coils are good for flavour, a coil for most wattages the average vaper uses and have an extended life span due to the new style cotton and honeycomb mesh. The lead holes really do help with keeping the cotton saturated so no dry hits but it is a thirsty tank.

If you are looking for a new tank to fulfill all your needs then this could well be the one for you!

Find the Freemax Mesh Pro on Premier Vaping – Buy the Mesh Pro now! Use code UKVD10 for 10% off your order & free shipping over £20!

See what’s to come on Franny Vapes soon HERE




Freemax Mesh Pro
Great sub-ohm tank for any vaper!
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Coil Life
Cloud Production
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Very simple to use
  • Extended coil life
  • Terrible drip tip
  • Slide fill top can come open if knocked with reasonable force
  • Very thirsty
4.3Overall Score

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