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Is the Creed RTA everything you want?

GeekVape-Creed-RTAGeek vape are leaders in an ever-growing market for rebuildables. The Creed is their latest addition to their RTA collection and it certainly looks impressive. With the market awash with RTA’s from the single coil MTL to triple coil beasts is the Creed a game changer?

The innovation in this RTA is that the Creed features 3 internal airflow chambers. You get 3 caps for the deck. One is blank, one has holes and one has slits. These fit over the deck before you put the chimney on. These airflow options cater for those wanting it restricted (the blank one), airflow going under the coil (slits) & over the coils (holes). Using these plus the moveable ring at the bottom of the Creed gives you many options to find something to suit you completely.

First Look

I received my Creed RTA a few weeks ago on release and I received the non-TPD version so my tank capacity is 6.5ml and 4.5ml but EU customers will receive the RTA with the glass making it 2ml. First impressions are it is big, in fact pretty ginormous! I got sent the rainbow version and I have to say the matte finish is rather lovely. The box has all the bits and pieces you normally expect in a box. It feels very solid in the hand and taking it apart and seeing the deck I could see it would be an easy build but wicking could be a pig. Overall the first look at this RTA it is rather fabulous.


  • 25mm Diameter – 30mm with 6.5ml Bubble glass.
  • 50mm Height including drip tip. 40mm without.
  • 2ml TPD version
  • 6.5ml Standard edition
  • 4.5ml Bubble glass included with both versions.
  • Comes in these colours – SS, gun-metal, Black, Gold, Rainbow & Blue
  • 3 Internal airflow chambers
  • Spares included

Building the Creed RTAGeekVape-Creed-RTA

It was a reasonably easy build. I used the coils that came with the RTA and they work a dream. perfect size and took minutes to install. It’s a 2 post design which lends itself to easy building I feel. You can use this RTA in dual and single modes, I chose a dual build for reviewing purposes as I think most people who pick this up will be using it in dual coil. If you were looking for a single coil RTA from Geek Vape you would be best getting the Zeus RTA, there is a dual coil version also which I reviewed here. To use in single coil mode you need to use a blank which cuts out the empty coil space. The deck itself is pretty large and makes it easy to build on. Overall a nice easy build and suitable for beginners & advanced alike.


This was a tad fiddly to wick and squeezing the cotton through the holes took a bit of persuasion. I thinned my cotton out nicely, cut to the right length but I was still struggling to get it through. I was using the curved point tweezers which have a tiny point. If you was using standard ceramic tweezers you would probably lose your rag at it! I made sure I could move the cotton within the coil easily and I cut it so the thinned out ends just touched the deck. I seem to be pretty good at wicking RTA’s, even ones others struggle with. Getting the balance between thinned out but still reasonably tight was a little tricky but I am sure if you do it often it would become second nature. It does have quite large wicking holes but I just found it a bit awkward to get the cotton in, may well just be me!

GeekVape-Creed-RTAAirflow Options

Well this is what the Creed is all about, the airflow options!

First off lets cover the base airflow ring, it has 3 intakes which can obviously be adjusted how you see fit but having that much airflow makes this an airy vape wide open, something I love. Nice smooth movement of the ring and doesn’t stick at all.

Now there is 3 internal airflow chambers which is where this RTA differs from maybe every other RTA on the market right now, I can’t think of another but maybe there is something already out there.

The chambers fit over the top of the deck and line up with the airflow holes, then you fit the chimney over the top, very simple to change as you see fit.

Option 1

You get a blank chamber which obviously restricts airflow and I found it gave great flavour but to be honest it wasn’t my favourite out of the 3 options. The airflow is straight from the bottom intakes and straight up through the deck. Concentrated flavour but I did find it spat a little, not sure why and it was only a little but still a bit of spit back.

Option 2

the 2nd internal airflow chamber is 2 lines of 5 holes. This airflow option brings the air up and over the coils. You inhale and the air comes through the bottom intake up the holes and between the chimney and internal chamber and is drawn in through the holes and over the top of the coils. This provided a warm but flavourful vape with plenty of clouds. A definite improvement on the blank chamber. It became a lot less restricted and an easier vape.

Option 3

The 3rd option is a set of slits, 6 in total which are graduated and this option brings the air under the coil. This was my favourite option. Airy, loads of flavour, lots of clouds and no spit back.

I had no issue with dry hits with any of the chambers and I felt they all worked well in their own way but the slits was my favourite but I will cover my thoughts in the conclusion below.

Flavour & Cloud Production


I don’t know but flavour wasn’t the best I have had from an RTA. It was ok but the flavour is muted in comparison to my RDA but a massive improvement on a stock coil tank so I suppose it sits bang in the middle. No bad thing but it’s not going to wow you with flavour.

Clouds were plentiful but with so much airflow you can expect that. It is perfect for those seeking lots of clouds but not sacrificing loss of flavour which you often find with RTA/RDA’s designed for cloudchasers. You won’t be disappointed if you like to cloud a room out!

Final Conclusion

It is very easy to build on and this really is good for those wanting to start building and sometimes RTA’s are a little difficult for people to learn to build on but this deck lends itself to someone who is starting out. The simple 2 post deck and to be honest even though I struggled a little with getting my wicking right it isn’t hard and a little practice and its mastered. So don’t be put off by my cack-handed approach to wicking this. Go at it with a delicate touch and you’ll get it spot on and if wicked right, no spit back, no leaks & no dry hits.

The airflow options are great, it’s a bit of innovation that is needed in RTA’s but I don’t know if it has improved the flavour being able to change airflow or clouds. The best flavour I got was from the straightforward blank chamber as it was more concentrated the only issue was that bit of spitback but there are factors there that could be down to user error. The best as a package was the slits, it produced good flavour and a fair whack of clouds. I think this could be worked on in the future as it’s a great idea but it needs a little honing.

Flavour was as I have said sort of average, it didn’t blow my mind but was an improvement on a stock coil. This was a little disappointing but I think if you are a beginner wanting to try an RTA you will love this for flavour but I would say the Zeus dual beats this for flavour.

GeekVape-Creed-RTAIt is a lovely looking piece of kit, it wins brownie points for looks and the matte finish really does look stylish. Even the drip tip is ultem and has a matching ring at the bottom of the drip tip which sort of finishes it all off.

This is a great RTA if you are just starting out and needing to learn but I think there is better out there for advanced users. You won’t be wasting your money, far from it as it is decent. I just feel there is a little room for improvement.


Buy the Creed on UK Vape Kings HERE

Find out more on the Creed RTA on Geek Vape’s website

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Zeus Dual RTA

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Geek vape Creed RTA
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Cloud Production
Airflow Options
4.1Overall Score

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