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Does the Aegis Solo live up to the expectations we all have for this single-cell mod? 

I work with Geekvape quite a lot and i am lucky that i get to review their products and/or give them away. Thank you to Geekvape for providing me with this kit.

The Aegis Legend is a known and respected mod. It’s nigh on indestructible! Is the Solo of the same standard we expect? 

First Impressions<span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: #FFC0C0;'>Geekvape</span> Aegis Solo Kit

So i get the Solo out of the box and i was sent this beautiful purple and green type skeleton, it changes colour as you move it around in the light. it is very pretty. I found the Legend way too big for me and it didn’t feel right in my hand at all. The solo is a great size and perfect for me. It has the tough rubber exterior, great for those accidental drops! It feels solid but very light even with the battery in. So i pop a 30Q in and do the click 5 times to turn on. The screen is the same as the Legend and is clear, crisp and easy to use.

Let’s have some technical details now…

The Solo is powered by an As-100 chip which provides a very exact and stable performance while vaping. The AS-100 also means you can vape up to 100W on the Solo which is all you need from a single-celled mod. The AS-100 chip also supports Temperature control and does so accurately and supports stainless steel, nickel 200 & titanium. The chip also has a very fast ramp-up speed of just 9 milliseconds! Instant hit near enough!

It features several protections including:

  • 10s cut off protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharging & discharging protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Anti-dry protection (only in temp mode though)

The Solo features the same waterproof protection that the Legend does. It is IP67 waterproof and may be submerged for up to 30 minutes and to a depth of 1 metre. So caught in the rain wouldn’t be a problem for this mod!

It is also shockproof so accidental drops shouldn’t cause any damage to the mod.

The Solo is also dustproof which is perfect for those who work in dusty environments and the mod itself is easy to clean should it get dusty.

The mod is powered by 1 18650 battery. I think some people would have liked to see a 20700/21700 in there for the longevity of battery life but this also would have made it weighty.

Dimensions are:

  • Height – 86.4mm
  • Width – 41.2mm
  • Depth – 31.5mm
  • Weight – 112.5g

So as you can see it’s pretty small!

It comes in a range of colours and i suspect that new colours will be available in the future.

What do I think to the Aegis Solo?

The Legend did nothing for me but the Solo is exactly my cup of tea!

I find the size is perfect for even a small hand. The shape of the mod also is pleasing in the hand and means you have a full grip of it. The rubber is thick and very smooth and needed with this mod for durability. The leather insert is smooth and nicely finished with the stitching. I imagine in the future much like the Legend, parts will be available for you to customize your Solo.

The 510 is big. Can fit a 25mm tank on easily. Held down by 3 screws this 510 isn’t going to get loose!

I didn’t like the weird clicky button on the Legend, the Solo has smooth buttons in a sort of coffin shape. The Solo has one button as such to operate the watts etc. so not separate. Could lead to accidental wattage change or at least make it a bit easier.

The screen is clear and uncomplicated. Menus are easy to operate after a read of the instruction manual. I had no problem with any of the menus or options.

How does it perform? 

The Solo exceeded my expectations completely!

The Legend felt slow to fire and didn’t hit my spot as i like an instant hit. This fires instantaneously and consistently.

There is drop off as your battery drains but i didn’t find it too noticeable till my last 1/4 of a battery. I am a heavy vaper and probably hit my vape every 5 minutes for 2-4 draws. I was using on 75W on a .14 dual fused claptons. It was a perfect vape! 1 30Q was lasting me 4-6 hours a time which is damn good for a single cell.

I dropped it a couple of times on purpose and had no damage. I saw videos of the Legend being crushed by a forklift & put in a pool for 20 mins! Yet they still work! So i have every bit of faith this would be the same durability as a Legend.

I liked the fact it was light & small but not so small i felt like Gulliver! lol It would be perfect for a day out in your bag, protected from any falls and the battery should last you the day but take a spare!

I have one gripe with it…

The battery screw in is an excellent addition and this keeps your batteries from getting damaged in any way. However, screwing the damn thing is correctly took a couple of attempts each time! You can also cross-thread it so it looks closed but it isn’t fully in and leaves it open to water or dust getting in.

I must point out i didn’t use the tank. I may do a review at a later date as a stand-alone article though. 

Overall this is a fantastic piece of kit. I enjoy using it and will be the one i take out with me when out for the day or a night out for that matter! It’s good looking enough for a night in town! If you need a single cell mod i will thoroughly say to add the Aegis Solo on your list. Perfect for working in a dusty environment, out fishing or hiking. It is simple to use, won’t break easily and fires instantly with excellent battery life.

Well done Geekvape!  


Geekvape Aegis Solo
All round brilliant mod! Bound to please anyone!
Battery life
Ease of use
  • Light
  • Great design
  • Fires quick
  • The bottom of the battery door is awkward at times
  • Would have liked to see a 21700 or 20700 version
4.5Overall Score

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