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Golden Cauldron eLiquid Review

This is a brand new range called Golden Cauldron. They are from the guys at 9th Cloud Vape Co. They are a great company based in the North East of the UK & pride themselves on their juices and making sure they are produced to the highest quality.

Golden Cauldron Eliquid

I was sent this range and their other 2 ranges that I will be reviewing later.

I love how these bottles look! The golden bottles matched with the sumptuous matt black and gold labels is a hint of luxury. The labels are very carefully designed and contain all the relevant information needed. The bottles are tamper evident & child proof so care was taken in choosing the bottles.

It is a custard range of juices and consist of 4 recipes. The mix is 70/30 and is 50ml with room for 1 nicotine shot which at 18mg 10ml nicotine shot would make it 3mg. They state all ingredients are the highest quality premium ingredients so quality is where this range is aimed at.

The price of the juice is £10 for 50ml with FREE nic shot. Perhaps not what many of the UKVD crowd are accustomed to but this is not a cheap and cheerful range, it has been carefully crafted to be up there with the best when it comes to custards.

The juice has been to perfection BUT like any juice when adding nicotine you should allow it to mix for at least a few days if not longer.

So let’s get on with tasting them…

Witches Brew-Lay

Site description:

I fill my Aromamizer Plus and take my first inhale and it’s so smooth and is exactly as described. After a while of vaping it the flavour builds and builds becoming more complex and intensifying on your taste buds. It tastes like they have liquified an actual crème brûlée! So mellow and sweet.

You can taste every element, the rich vanilla, the hard caramel and the deep thick crème. There is a hint of something fruity there, it is very, very faint almost banana in flavour but not quite, it is not over done and it fits well, in fact it’s perfect for the exhale.

This juice is delicious! Flavours on point & well-balanced, care was taken over this recipe. If you are into your desserts and love a thick caramel custard then you will not be disappointed!

Buy your bottle here of Golden Cauldron – Witches Brew-Lay



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With 70% VG you do get plenty of clouds that fill the room with a heavenly scent.

I did a fresh build in my Aromamizer Plus for this line of juices and with the coils now bedded in the flavours are strong and just layer upon layer of delicious flavour.

If you like custards that are sweet and creamy & well steeped to enhance the flavours then this will not fail to bring a smile to your face. The sweet & ripe raspberry sets it off perfectly & is well-balanced with the rich custard.

Only negative is it is almost addictive to vape! The raspberry exhale lingers on your palate and leaves you wanting more! You end up chain vaping!

A thumbs up again for another of the Golden Cauldron range.

Buy your bottle here of Golden Cauldron – Red-Rasper

Cheeze Cake

Site description:

What do I think:Golden Cauldron Eliquid - Cheeze Cake

I have searched for the best dessert juice and I think I have found it!

This has become my all day vape and i cannot get enough of it. It’s not overly sweet but when you draw it into your mouth it is filled with beautiful sweet and creamy flavour. It tantalises your taste buds. I can’t get over how good this juice is!

If you like your cheesecake or even just dessert juices then your search is over much like mine!

It is creamy and it really does taste like a thick piece of New York cheesecake right down to the crumbly base.

A smooth and satisfying vape. Bound to please all dessert lovers.

Cream Of Cus-Toad

Site description:

This smells just like a thick and creamy custard. There is a bit of a biscuit smell so maybe there is a bit of a biscuit flavouring in there.

When you vape Cream of Cus-Toad for the first you best prepare for a custard explosion!

The inhale is smooth and creamy, the vanilla is not overwhelming and a perfect blend. The vapour almost feels thicker, tickling the tongue as it passes over. The exhale brings out that biscuit note I could smell, this sets it apart from the usual vanilla custards, almost tastes like a custard cream biscuit but a lot fuller in flavour.

Golden Cauldron have really put a lot of effort into this custard, steeped to perfection and it is wildly delicious and I could vape it all day long!

Buy your bottle of Golden Cauldron – Cream Of Cus-Toad



What can I say? These are probably the best custard eLiquids i have ever tried. Nothing is comparable to these juices, they are steeped to perfection, the flavour profile is beautiful and produces massive plumes of vapour. High quality ingredients have been used for this and care has been taken to perfect the recipe.

The packaging is luxurious and smacks of quality. One of the bottles has a nib that you could unscrew which makes it very easy to add your nic shot. I hope this is something they will roll out across the range.

Amazing set of juices and I really feel if you like your custards you will enjoy the entire range.


Golden Cauldron Eliquid
Witches Brew-Lay
Cheeze Cake
Cream Of Cus-Toad
4.7Overall Score

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  1. Jackie Owens

    I haven’t read a review that actually had my mouth watering with every flavour of custard


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