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Is the market too saturated for the Mechman Mesh kit to stand out?

Rincoe Mechman Mesh 80W Kit

Rincoe is bringing out some great products lately. I am a fan of the 228W Mechman Kit already as you can tell from my review a few weeks ago. Is the Mechman Mesh kit worth your hard-earned cash or just another stick mod?

Rincoe is perhaps a little late to the party when it comes to the stick VW mod with plenty already on the market is it too late?

First Impressions of the Mechman Mesh kit

Obviously, i had seen pictures of the Mechman Mesh kit and i will be honest here, it’s not my sort of mod. It’s too chunky and not a fan of the stylings. When i open the box and take it out, it is pretty light and i do think it feels a little cheaper than the likes of the Nunchaku. The stylings are not my thing. The lumps & bumps make it feel a bit strange in the hand too.

In the box you get a USB lead, the .2Ω dual mesh coil, spares bag, glass & instruction manual.

Only comes in black & silver. I received a black one for this review.

I fix the tank on and the first thing i notice is the excess on the 510 plate with the tank attached. It’s millimetres but it just feels like any old tanks been plonked on it instead of a full kit, made to be together.

You unscrew the base to get your 18650 battery in. Filled the tank with some Riot Squad Tropical Fury (a new juice for me to try!). I have a bit of a thing with stock coil tanks, i like to see the coil wicking. The coil in this, the .25Ω wicked beautifully and sucked up at least 1-2ml before i had even had a go!

With the Mechman Mesh kit prepped and ready to go, time to start putting it through its paces!

Specifications of the Meshman Mesh kit

Rincoe Mechman Mesh 80W Kit

Mechman 80W Mod

Dimensions – 27 x 95mm

Power Range – 1-80W

Variable Wattage & Bypass Resistance – .08Ω and up to 5.0Ω (.3Ω Recommended)

TC Mode – Wire Material – Ni200/Ti/SS316L

TC Mode – Resistance – .05Ω-3.5Ω (.15Ω Recommended)

Temperature Range – 200-600°F (100-315°C)

Powered by 1x 18650 battery & can be USB charged through the mod safely.

USB Charging – 5V/1A

Max output current – 30A

Max output voltage – 8.0V

Safety Features

  • Overheating protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Overload/short circuit protectionRincoe Mechman Mesh 80W Kit
  • Low voltage protection
  • 10 Second cut off 

Mechman Mesh Tank

Dimensions – 28 x 36mm

Capacity – 4.5ml

2 Coil options – .25Ω Single mesh coil & .2Ω dual mesh coil

Made from – Stainless steel, quartz glass & resin (drip tip)

810 Drip tip

Slide top filling hole


Rincoe Mechman Mesh 80W KitDo i think it’s any good?

Appearance & Design

As i said above, it doesn’t feel good in the hand because of the lumps and bumps. That 510 excess and the fact its silver doesn’t help. It feels very light but i also don’t think it’s been made with the best materials which have made it light and a bit of a ‘toy’ feel to it.

The screen is bright and clear. Buttons are clicky and not a smooth action, that’s no big thing though. It feels and looks very manly and rugged and those sort of mods just don’t excite me very much.

How to work the menu

Press left & right buttons together to lock & unlock the mod.

When the device is turned on press the fire button 3 times to go into the settings menu. Use the left or right button to cycle through the modes and press the fire button when you have selected your choice.

VW Mode

Hit the fire button, left & right buttons altogether to lock/unlock the resistance of the coil.

Adjust the wattage from 1-80w using the left or right buttons.

 TC mode 

Once in TC mode from the settings menu press fire, left & right buttons to lock or unlock the resistance of the coil.

Press the fire button & right together to select preheat wattage. To adjust the power use the left & right buttons and then press fire to confirm.

To adjust the temperature press left & right together and then adjust and press fire to confirm.

The temperature starts in °C and it gets to the highest temperature and swaps to °F and cycles through like that.

Rincoe Mechman Mesh 80W Kit

Battery Life

I was getting 2-3 days at 40W easy with moderate use. That to me is its saving grace! It lasts a long time, doesn’t get warm even after chain vaping. It performs as well as any other 1x 18650 mod i have used, if not done a bit better than a couple of them.

So battery life is great on the Mechman Mesh kit.

Mechman Mesh Tank

Filling the tank

It is very easy to fill this tank. You just need to push the cap firmly and it will reveal a filling hole. Most sized nozzles will fit but it wouldn’t fit my nozzle as its one of the press down and turn and they are wide but tried with several others and all fine.

Please remember to prime your coil. My way of doing it is to remove the coil from the tank, piece of tissues down and cover all the exposed bits of cotton thoroughly. Then a few drops down the middle of the coil. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then put into the tank, fill it up all the way bar maybe a ml from the top and leave to soak for an hour. I rarely get a burnt-out coil so it must work!

Rincoe Mesh Coil.25Ω Single mesh coil

Well, i tried this coil first and found it a very nice vape. Flavour was very punchy and thick clouds even at 40W. I do think the coil i got in the Mechman 228W was a duff coil as this one is performing much better. The use of mesh in stock coil tanks now has definitely changed the way we view stock coils. The longevity of this coil is a little unknown as only used for 5 days but didn’t find any change in taste in that time. So think of that what you will but i believe they will be long-lasting.

.2Ω Dual mesh coil

The dual coil produces more clouds but i didn’t see much in a reduction of flavour. i did get some spitting now and again but upped the watts a bit and it solved it pretty much. Again only tested for 4 days and was not on the turn. So longevity is unknown but i think you’ll find both of these coils will perform well. I am not an everyday tank user unless for reviews so will it match to a Falcon or Valyrian? I am not sure but for a kit tank, it’s not bad.

Would i buy it?

I’m sat on the fence with this one. It is a good effort but i just feel like it was an afterthought for Rincoe. It feels a little cheap but battery life is good. The tank despite my first look at this tank in the Mechman 228W review, i must have had a duff coil because the flavour is on point and coils lasted just under a week each. Plenty of clouds and it is a nice vape. I just feel its lacking and could have been done better. I wouldn’t buy it but i wouldn’t say to write it off. It is my personal tastes and what i enjoy, this doesn’t light my fire!

Sorry, Rincoe!

Buy the Mechman Mesh MOD ONLY at Ecigone – Only £26.99 if you use code UKVD10 for 10% off 

Rincoe Mechman Mesh 80W Kit
Although it feels a little cheap, it performs well. Battery life is great & coils are a winner! Not the best i've used but as a spare or out & about mod it will do you just fine.
Design & build quality
Ease Of Use
Battery life
Coil life
  • Battery life is very good
  • Coils are flavourful & produce a good amount of cloud
  • Reasonably priced
  • The chunky stylings are not for me
  • The excess on the 510 plate means its not slick like most VW stick mods
  • The black one feels quite cheap in the hand
3.8Overall Score

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