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Is the Nord a perfect pod system?

Smok Nord

Smok is the marmite of the vape world! Half of the camp love Smok products and the other half are Smok haters. I am in the first part of the camp. I have owned several Smok mods and all have been fantastic albeit some are gimmicky but still good mods for the price range. Simple to use so great for newbie vapers too. However, has the Nord won over some of those that hate Smok?

I can get a good feeling for the vape scene and products that are popular at the moment from the UKVD facebook group. An insight into what people like or dislike about products. Well, the Nord in most cases is well-loved and recommended over and over. Even those with a passion for Smok hating think this is one of the best mods Smok has brought out. Do i agree?

First impressions of the Nord

I received my Nord some time ago but due to not reviewing for some time it got shelved. My first thought is its bigger than i had assumed it would be. It is pocket and bag-friendly for sure though. Nothing complicated about it. I received the rainbow version and it is an attractive piece of kit with the chrome rainbow effect and the rainbow resin panels it is eye-catching. The kit came with 2 coils the .6Ω mesh and the 1.4Ω normal plus the USB lead. I charged the pod for a few hours via my USB hub connected to my computer. The button looks a little small and the mouthpiece is pretty big. Most MTL tanks (what i am used to) have small 510 drip tips so require a fair amount of suction to get the required hit.

I have reviewed a couple of pod systems in the past, check out my review on the Panda here and the Air here.

So the testing of the Nord begins…

Smok NordThe specifications

  • Dimensions – 94mm(H) x 34mm(W) x 18.8mm(D)
  • Weight – 80g
  • Battery Capacity – 1110mAh
  • Pod capacity – 3ml or TPD – 2ml
  • Input voltage – 3.3V-4.2V
  • Output wattage – 10-15W
  • Charging current – 370mA
  • Charging voltage – 5V


  • Lithium battery protection
  • 8 second cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection

Button triggered pod device

Many colourways available

Do I like the Nord? 

I first used it with .6Ω coil and some Wick Liquor boulevard nic salts in 10mg. I vape 3mg normally and i tried some 20mg salts and i felt sick from the nic rush so didn’t continue! So I thought 10mg would be perfect.

The mouthpiece feels foreign in my mouth! That’s the best way to describe it! It feels chunky and too much going in my mouth. That’s me though but I have seen people popping the black piece off the pod and having it like that to combat the weird mouthpiece!

Buttons a little small. Just feels it could do with being a fraction bigger.

Not too sure on the side filling slot. I have seen people having issues with juice getting on the inside of the mod at the battery contact. Unsure if its a leak or condensation but this does seem to be a problem.

The pods are 2ml but you can remove a bung at the top of the pod to increase the capacity to 3ml. Use Youtube to find a video of how to do it.

The coils are very easy to fit. You just push them in so the flat sides line up and away you go!

The .6Ω coil

Smok Nord

It is an airy vape and not MTL like you do tend to expect from a pod system but they have created the 1.4Ω for MTL users.

The flavour from the Nord .6Ω coil was packing a punch with flavour and found that even after a few days it didn’t seem to fade too much. The juice is a new one to me but i do know Wick Liquor are well-liked across the UKVD group so was confident i would enjoy it.

Coil life was pretty good going at 5 days but then i put it in my handbag without locking it…Resulted in a burnt-out coil. Please remember to lock your pods before putting them in your pocket or bag!

If for some reason you do like your clouds and a pod system this coil will produce more than enough.

Overall a great coil for a sub-ohm vaper but its definitely not MTL. Flavour is good and i think 5 days of moderate use from a pod is pretty good!

I did have some leakage into the battery. Easily wiped up i know but should let you know and i don’t think there is much of a fix to it if its condensation. It’s minimal and I’m sure does little to no damage to the battery.

The 1.4Ω Coil

Smok Nord

Totally different! Really quite a tight draw and gives you a nic hit which i didn’t find the .6Ω one did. Not a lot in the way of clouds so perfect for a discreet vape

Not entirely sure if the flavour is as there as the .6Ω though. Just seems a little more muted now. Dare i say it but a little burnt but left to soak for an hour before i used it.

After using for a week on the 1.4Ω coil with moderate use, the burnt flavour did go but it was certainly muted in comparison to the .6Ω. It’s not a really tight draw, compared to the likes of the Vapefly Galaxies RDA its very loose but i think its a perfect amount for a mainly sub-ohm vaper to get a cheeky nic hit.

Another good coil but perhaps as i am a sub-ohm vaper the .6Ω lends itself to my style of vaping.

Battery Life

The battery appears to be very good! It’s not a massive battery but you get 1-2 days out of a charge i would say. The mini USB socket is situated on the bottom of the mod so you can pass through charge and vape without being tangled in a wire. Doesn’t take long to charge either which is a bonus.

Overall is it worth the hype?

Yes. It is well worth it and some have hailed this as the best thing Smok has put out in over a year! It is a great little device.

Packs a punch with the .6Ω coil and a tighter MTL style of vape with the 1.4Ω. Flavour is great from both coils, if not a tad muted on the 1.4Ω but i think that is just down to my style of vaping not the coil.

For something easily put in a pocket or bag and carried around for the day, it’s perfect.

Looks good apart from the mouthpiece!

Lots of variations of resin/colour, with new colours coming very soon you will find one that will take your fancy. (Pre-order new colours on VapeSourcing for £12.60! Use code NORD)

There is a new coil coming out which from what i gather is even better than these. So maybe get a pack of those when you order.

Top marks to Smok!


Buy the Nord at Vape And Go – Vape And Go – Nord On sale for £14.49 right now!

Buy Wick Liquor nic salts from Vape and Go – Vape And Go – Wick Liquor Only £1.99 at the moment too!

Get a deal from UK Vape Kings! Nord & 3 nic salts for just £21.99! – UK Vape Kings bundle deal

Find out more on the Nord here – Smok Website


Smok Nord
An excellent pocket friendly device. Perfect for a discreet vape on the MTL or maybe as an emergency vape for the sub-ohm vaper with the .6Ω. Excellent piece of kit!
Design & build quality
Ease Of Use
Battery life
Coil life
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent flavour
  • The choice between coils. Having a DTL L& MTL coil gives you the hit you want
  • Bigger than expected
  • Easy to forget to switch off which would cause accidental firing
  • The black mouthpiece is a bit thick
4.4Overall Score

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