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Is the Occula RDA what the rebuildable scene needs right now?

Occula RDA

Augvape & Twisted Messes have got together to create the Occula RDA. I don’t know why but lately, i just haven’t liked many RDA’s that have been on the market. So will the Occula RDA please the builder in me?

Augvape produces some top quality hardware as do Twisted Messes. They both have a long and successful string of hardware that pleases many. The Occula is robust & chunky which you get from the TM and then the smooth finish to it is down to Augvape.

First Look

So i receive my package and firstly the box looked a bit dated and could perhaps showcase the RDA better.

I take the deck out and inspect it. Noting that the clamps are massive and can fit big boy coils in them, something i LOVE! It is well machined and looks beefy even with no coils in!

The top cap is nice and smooth and i like the drip tip on this. I usually swap a drip tip out and use my own. It has side airflow that you can adjust.

Overall it’s a nice bit of kit. It looks great and feels like it will perform well. There is one thing i am not keen on, the logo on the front. It looks cheap would have perhaps been better if machined out of the top cap but i understand that would mean retail price increased for the extra cost.


Specifications of the Occula RDA

  • 24mm DiameterOccula RDA
  • 5mm Juice well
  • Innovative internal post clamp design
  • Secured by big M3 screws
  • With clamp fully open it is 6mm x 2.55mm
  • PEEK Insulators
  • 10mm Widebore drip tip
  • Dual downward airflow
  • Single & dual builds
  • Domed top cap
  • Gold plated 510 & BF pin

In The Box

  • Occula RDA
  • BF PinOccula RDA
  • Hex Allen key
  • Spare parts & O-rings

Building & Wicking

The deck is a pretty standard size but the clamp system is amazing!

You can get huge coils within the clamps as you can see by the pictures in this review. The screw lifts the clamp and keeps it up so you don’t have to struggle to keep the clamp open. You can’t completely unscrew resulting in posts and the clamp coming apart all together either.

I put a pair of Frailens from The Coil Fairy in this time, Lee’s coils are amazing and my go-to for some excellent sets of coils. They are big coils and very easy to install and get glowing nicely. Wicking is pretty straight forward too. I use Cotton Candy cotton and it is the only cotton i will use. I did find once the cotton was in the well was pretty full. Remember to keep your tails just touching the deck, not too loose and not too tight when you put it through. You should be able to pull the cotton through with just a little resistance.

Build done and juiced up. Time to start testing this RDA out.

Is the Occula as innovative as they claim?


Occula RDA

What can i say? It is AMAZING! The clamp design is perfect and something i have thought would be good when i use my Apocalypse RDA’s. Well, now i have it!

It is good for the advanced builder as really shows off the build & can get the large impressive coils in but also perfect for a beginner.

With the screws, they cannot come free so once you get to the top it won’t come apart. This to me is excellent and i have never come across a clamp post system that doesn’t fall apart if unscrewed too far.  The screws and chunky and didn’t gnarl up when building. Holes to put your legs through are massive and can get any coil you like in there pretty much. The holes also stay wide open, so no lifting up the clamp to get a leg in.

I would have liked the deck a fraction bigger just up to 25mm would be slightly better but that is just my preference.

Occula RDA

My build in the Occula

The deck also has a good-sized well. This pleases me as i am an over-dripper and need large juice wells because of it! However, with the bigger ID coils, the cotton pretty much filled the well.

The clamp design is so easy to use and can slot in any coil you like with no issues. I am thoroughly impressed by this deck, it is an absolute joy to build on and looks the part too.

You can squonk with this RDA. I will not be testing it with a squonker as i don’t really like squonking, to be honest, so don’t own one!

Airflow & Flavour

The airflow is angled to draw the air directly to the coil. There are 3 holes either side which means lots of airflow. The airflow is adjustable to your preference. I found the adjustment a bit tough to manipulate but with a little bit of work, i got it shifting. There are notches in the top cap for you to line up to get the cap down fully. Just be aware of that.

The clouds produced at full wide open are plentiful and the flavour is good. It is a nice vape. Closing down the airflow still produces a fine amount of cloud but the flavour is intensified so be sure to play with the airflow to find your sweet spot. I personally opt for clouds rather than flavour so it’s wide open for me. I think the flavour is average, nothing exciting.


Occula RDAWhat I don’t like

The top cap gets scorching hot! With the low profile drip tip, it means you burn your lips. Admittedly i have a large build in there but it shouldn’t make the top cap so hot you can’t handle it. Once i swapped the drip tip to a resin 10mm one it became a much more pleasant experience.

As you take a pull on it, it makes a slight hissing noise, not overly noticeable but its there.

The logo on the top cap would look better engraved into the RDA.

Is it worth a punt? 

Honestly, the deck is amazing and it is everything you want from beginner to advanced. It looks good and performs well. I’ve stated my niggles BUT the top cap could well be from the beastly framed aliens I’ve got in there. I will try a smaller build in the future. Just be aware it can get quite hot.

With the larger coils in once wicked, there isn’t much left of the well which means i over dripped a lot. I thought i might escape that, but alas i have not!

This is a great RDA made by two of the industry greats. Personally, i would buy it. I had my eye on it when it came out and thought it looked good, well it certainly lived up to my expectations even though there are a few problems.

A fantastic RDA for everyone!


Coils are from The Coil Fairy contact Lee and quote UKVD10 to get 10% off your order 🙂

Buy the Occula RDA here – £24.99-£25.99 from Greyhaze

Buy the Occula RDA from Buybest for £21 including shipping – Occula RDA

My last review from Augvape was for the Templar RDA Check it out here – Templar RDA Review

Occula RDA
Design & build quality
How does it vape?
  • Excellent deck design for advanced & beginner RDA users
  • The RDA's machining is smooth.
  • Good flavour
  • Top cap gets very hot
  • Logo on the front should be engraved
  • Difficult to get airflow control to move about
3.9Overall Score

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