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Riot on the tastebuds!

Rebellion eLiquid is designed to rebel against the trend of bland juices, does it do the job?

Rebellion is made in a superior facility so you can be assured this has been produced and bottled in a hygienic factory following protocols. They use quality ingredients to bring you fabulous flavours.

The range is available in 10ml 3mg or 50ml 0mg with space to add your nic shot.

I reviewed this using a Templar RDA from Augvape.

You can buy the range from Premier Vaping & I will give a link at the bottom of the review.

So onwards to the juices!

Strawbarb Insurgency

Strawbarb Insurgency - Rebellion Eliquid

This is the best rhubarb liquid I’ve had so far. It actually tastes authentic. The strawberry is nice to add that bit of sweetness since the rhubarb has a little bite to it. I think this would be even more fantastic if you made it into a custard, milkshake or cheesecake, something that has a touch of cream to cut that bite from the rhubarb but honestly I could vape this often without that addition.

Rebellion really nailed it on the head with this one. It’s got a bit of a sharp tartness to it, with some sweetness that’s reminiscent of an under-ripe strawberry.

A fantastic take of a unique flavour combination.


Lemon Pirate - Rebellion EliquidLemon Pirate

This juice (and others in the range) will instantly take you back to primary school. That tray of lemon tart with a dollop of meringue on each portion. Yum!

The lemon/pastry/meringue ratio is spot on in this liquid, it is sour without being tart and sweet without being sickly.

Lemon Pirate is a delicious creamy lemon dessert & I’d happily vape it all day. Refreshing lemon inhale with a creamy biscuit exhale. Leaves a lovely taste on the palate and is seriously smooth. This is another fabulous juice that ticks all the right boxes for me. Lemon Pirate is absolutely fab and highly recommended.


Exotic TurmoilExotic Turmoil - Rebellion Eliquid

Exotic turmoil eliquid is one for all you fruit fans out there. This ejuice is full of sweet and subtle passion fruit, mango, pineapple and many more tropical fruits From first inhale you get that punchy tropical fruit, with rich cream layered on top for a smooth finish.

It is reminiscent of an ice lolly you would crave on a hot summer’s day, almost like a creamy but juicy Solero. It really does hit the mark for a fresh & fruity but finishing with the cream. It’s not an over powering vape and perhaps not a ADV but it works well as an after dinner vape to cleanse the palate and refresh your mouth. Perfect for a hot day in the sun!


Revolution Berry - Rebellion EliquidRevolution Berry

This really is a one size fits all kind of juice. It’s one that many would use as an everyday vape. Enjoying the fun, fresh and fruity experience as and when they want.

I don’t know if it’s me (as we are all personal in what we taste), but I get with this blend something like Parma violets, this isn’t a bad thing, as this mix is just amazing. People remarked on how good it smells. It tastes great and really satisfies my sweet tooth. It may not be for everyone, but if you like a sweet & fruity berry taste that doesn’t just taste like sugar, I highly recommend this blend.


Twisted RiotTwisted Riot - Rebellion eliquid

I could taste the creamy pineapple ice cream, lovely zesty lime and smooth strawberry. Exactly like twister ice lollies. Although it’s a little harsh it is lovely and once again as mentioned in my other flavour reviews, this juice really takes me back to my childhood.

Well there’s not much to say about this, it’s exactly like the twister lolly and vapes very nice with outstanding cloud production. This liquid is full of flavour. I have to point out it is a little harsh but I have found with a lot of twister style juices they can be a little harsh and I think it’s the lime. It’s put me off a little but it is a really nice take on the Twister lolly.


StrawterMelon Mayhem - Rebellion EliquidStrawtermelon Mayhem

Strawberry & Watermelon is a unique flavour and you get a real feel for this juice on both the inhale and exhale.  I was worried about the dominate strawberry taste of this juice but they really have thought it through & it isn’t over the top. On inhale, you get a nice strong strawberry taste and on the exhale a chunk of juicy watermelon, making this a perfect fruity vape for those summer months.

So this is delicious and SO addictive! One of the best from the Rebellion range. Such a gorgeous juice! Each draw makes you come back for more. Rebellion has PACKED this with flavour and has a slight bubblegum flavour (if that’s what I’m tasting). This is one of the smoothest so far. I have really enjoyed vaping this amazing flavour!!!


Mutinous MangoMutinous Mango - Rebellion Eliquid

Mutinous mango is super rich and a combination of fresh mango and frozen koolada which gives an awesome fresh exhale. On the inhale, this juice is extremely fruity and tastes like a fresh cocktail on a warm beach. Even though this bottle came as a 10ml bottle it was easily demolished! I vaped this juice until the bottle was gone and didn’t tire of it.

If you like mango ice style juices, then you’ll love this. Rebellion have done a great job with this juice, the mango is sweet and true to the flavour description, the koolada is nice and subtle. Could get a little sickly if vaped for a long time but still a beautiful vape.


Frozen Citrus Fracas - Rebellion EliquidFrozen Citrus Fracas

This juice is a magnificent lemon and lime citrus fused together with icy koolada. Giving your taste buds a selection of flavourful notes that leave the palate wanting more. For citrus fanatics who want a crisp, sharp citrus hit with each hit this is the juice for you.

With every inhale, the taste buds will be treated to a tangy, tart but sweet lemon/lime flavour that tastes very real. As you begin to exhale, the cool blast of fresh koolada will exhilarate the palate like nothing you have experienced before from a cool vape. This is a winner in my opinion!!!


Blue Smint SabotageBlue Smint Sabotage - Rebellion Eliquid

So if you’ve been looking for a mint flavour for a while, then look no further.

Have you tried many other products and found they’re over powering? Then all I can say is buy this! When I first opened the bottle the first thing that came to mind when I smelled it was, Wrigley’s spearmint gum. This provides a beautiful throat hit, without being harsh and giving you a burst of blueberries. After the blueberry you get a nice subtle taste of mint, could easily be an all day vape if you like your cool/minty flavours.

Right so what else can I say about this stunning blend? This juice is just gorgeous, lovely sweet blueberries without the sickly bit you get with most. This liquid blends together perfectly. Most minty juices I have tasted in the past have always being missing something, almost like they need more flavour, but this is just outstanding.

Pear Provacation - Rebellion Eliquid


Pear Provocation

I did try this juice but it really wasn’t for me and I couldn’t vape it enough to do a solid review on it.



Well I have to say rebellion have done an excellent job of catering for everyone. We have juices for people who are just stopping smoking, such as the blue smint sabotage, we have the ones for the fruit lovers, we also have a desert flavour in the mix. I am very impressed with how thought out these products are, I hope to see more in the future. I’ll be very excited what other beautiful mixes they come up with.

Great job Rebellion, keep up the good work!!!!!!

Rebellion Eliquid

Find out more on the range here – Rebellion site

Buy Rebellion here – Premier Vaping







Rebellion eLiquid
Cloud Production
How smooth the flavours are overall
Brand Identity
  • Great selection of flavours
  • Most are very tasty
  • Quality ingredients & production
  • A few are a little harsh
  • More dessert flavours
  • names of flavours could be confusing to some
3.8Overall Score

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