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Will this be the best kit for a beginner vaper?

Smok are very good to me and the UKVD Facebook group. They give me lots of great prizes for the group and allow me to review them myself. I recently did a giveaway for the X-Priv Baby kit & I was sent this one to review.

I am a lover of Smok I am afraid!

Yes they have issues with coils but I do think a lot of this is down to user error ūüėČ I have never had any problems with my Smok coils and I think careful prep of each coil and if you vape very sweet things your coils are not going to last weeks on end. They are made to be¬†throwaway and to only last a few weeks max. Personally I would get 2 weeks out of a coil and when you can buy the genuine coils from places like Fast Tech for a tuppence it doesn’t really bother me to change them. ¬£2 for a weeks worth of vaping is nothing to the ¬£120 I was spending on fags…I think we do have to look at it that way. I spend personally on all my stuff (bar any new mods etc) like ¬£20 a week. That is nothing compared to the amount of money I was spending on cigarettes a week.Smok X-Priv Baby Kit

Smok make some of the most user-friendly, attractive and long-lasting vape hardware at the moment and although some may have issues, 90% are going to get a lot of use from that 1 mod.

Anyway the X-Priv Baby Kit…

This is the baby of the 225W X-Priv, this is a fantastic mod and I had one myself but I gave it to someone in need of a new one and they also love it.

The X-Priv Baby is a built-in 2300mah battery and can go to 80W but to give an all day vaping experience (with moderate use at 30-50W) and the Big Baby Prince tank that comes with it is a great piece of kit.

The whole set up is palm-sized and user-friendly. It is customisable and good-looking.

So let’s have some of the details:Smok X-Priv Baby Kit

  • 2300Mah In-built battery
  • 80W Max output
  • Comes with the TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank (6ml with non-EU model or 2ml with TPD version. Also only applies if sold as a kit)
  • 7 colours available – Pink, Matte Black, Prism gun-metal, Prism Gold, Prism Blue, Prism Chrome & Prism Rainbow (More will follow no doubt)
  • Comes with V8 Baby-Q2 0.4ő© Coils with standard edition & V8 Baby-Q2 EU coils with the TPD version
  • 123mm total height including the tank & mod is 47mm in width
  • Side bar fire key
  • HD 2″ screen
  • USB charging & firmware upgrades

Has multiple protections:

  • Intelligent Tank RecognitionX-Priv Baby Kit
  • Puff monitoring
  • 10 second cut off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Low voltage warning

Smok X-Priv Baby Kit

How does it perform?

The Mod

I set it up to my preferences, purple screen and the hard setting on wattage. Personally I set it to hard as I prefer a hard hit and not a soft or normal on the Smok mod’s. I do like that setting on the mod’s as some people do like a softer vape and not so much of an instant hit of vapour.

It seems to hit harder than a lot of Smok’s especially ones with internal batteries. I used it at 60-80W and I will be honest battery lasted 4 hours with me pretty much chain vaping. For the size of the battery it is not too bad but maybe a bigger battery would have been a good thing, just so it lasted most of the day.X-Priv Baby & Templar RDA

It is a great size, fits the hand a treat and the fire bar is firm so you couldn’t really fire it without a little effort which is a good thing in my eyes as it means it would need a bit of pressure to accidentally fire it.

You¬†can¬†lock with 5 clicks and unlock with 5 clicks So remember to do that if you stick in a bag or pocket. Most mods now¬†you can lock and this really is something we should do automatically but a lot of people don’t.

If you press the fire bar and – button together you can change setting from W, SS, Ti, Ni & M and you just scroll through but I think most will keep it on Watts. Press fire bar and + button and you can change pre-heat from soft, normal and hard. 3 presses of the fire bar and you reach the settings menu and you can change screen colour, pre-heat, Watts and coil material, puff counter & lock settings. Very easy to use.

Testing with a rebuildable

I did test this also with the Templar RDA and it worked really well and would work well as a little stealthy device. It also looked really good too. I had the wrong coils in though that required it to be at the max of 80W so if you are using a RDA use some simple coils maybe 4-5 wraps of flat wire would work well I think. Also a nice MTL tank would work well for a vaper requiring a MTL vape.

Mod Conclusion

Overall the mod is great, hits nice but it’s not over the top but I am normally¬†vaping at 80W+ so it’s not as high as I am usually vaping at¬†BUT and it’s a big but this is for a beginner vaper I think, so you will generally not be vaping at high watts and you would find this more than adequate to use.

This is a great mod for any vaper but is I feel is for the beginner, using it at 30-50W to maximise battery life and get the best from it. It’s not meant for use¬†at 80W all day, it just drains the battery really quickly.

It is stylish, practical and easy to use. Great mod for the money.

The Big Baby Prince Tank

Easy installation of coils and they are standard Smok coils instead of the mesh coils they are introducing to the Smok range of coils.

I found them to have good flavour once primed properly but compared to my RDA’s it’s¬†and you do lose a bit of the sweetness of the juice. However for a stock coil I do feel it is very nice.

Smok X-Priv Baby Kit

Cloud production was good even at lower watts but to get any good cloud it needed to be 50W+ really. It is certainly not stealthy!

Coil life, I used it for a few days and had no issue of a burning taste or anything but I am sure I would easily get a week-10 days from it but I do only use one flavour through 1 coil which really does help with longevity of the coil. Remember to prime really well and work up to your desired wattage. You will burn a coil out if you start at your preferred watts, to break a coil in you need to prime correctly and start low and go up in 5-10w increments.

Overall for a stock coil tank its pretty good and works well. Just get those coils primed right!


It is a fantastic set up and you will have a lot of pleasure from it. Simple to use, great for a beginner and the mod on its own is excellent for a stealth or MTL vaper. Build quality is great and I feel Smok are building better devices of late.

Look after your mod, tanks and coils and they will last! 


Smok X-Priv Baby Kit

Find out more on the X-Priv Baby kit here – Smok’s Website

Buy the X-Priv Baby kit here (Pre-order) – Vape Club Website

Check out my review on the Smok Prince Stick here – Prince Stick Review

Buy Smok coils from Fast Tech – Smok coil search on Fast Tech






Smok X-Priv Baby Kit
Build Quality Of Mod
Ease Of Use Of Mod
Battery Life
Flavour From Big Baby Prince
Cloud Production From Big Baby Prince
Coil Life
4.1Overall Score

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