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The Glaz RDSA – For the mediocre builder or experts only?

Steam Crave Glaz RDSA

I received my Glaz when it first came out but I had some issues in my life and this was delayed but I am catching up! Thanks to Steam Crave for sending this out to me and it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you and I hope to speak in the future.

Steam Crave are a successful company who produce a lot of the larger items for vapers. With the Titan a massive 41mm at the top of the tree! The range is quality and proper research done to produce gear for the vaper needing something special, durable and adaptable.

My fellow reviewer , Karl C, loves Steam Crave! He owns I think 3 Titans, Aromarizer Plus and other tanks from Steam Crave. I think the new Titan PWM mod is soon to join the family lol He swears by them and finds each one of the family to have a place in his rotation but I know for a fact the Titan is his daily vape along with the F4. You can find his review on the Titan HERE.

Can I build on this?!

I consider myself a mediocre builder. I have a single battery mech and I’ve owned mech squonkers but I don’t really see the appeal. However I do really enjoy installing coils. I get my coils made for me by the lovely BGP Coils, The Coil Fairy & Ohmslife0.1 are my suppliers. If you want quality coils speak to these 3 guys. It takes the stress out of it and I imagine I would get really frustrated with it all. I know coils off these guys will be good quality wire used and they don’t send you any dodgy coils! So I had to get coils made for this bad boy, I got stressed just taking off a few wraps as I misjudged the amount of wraps needed.

I have spoken of my building ability as I think the Glaz is for advanced builders. This RDSA would be perfect for the HOG or the new Titan PWM mod from Steam Crave would obviously be the magic pairing!


Package received…

I was rather excited about receiving the Glaz. Previously I had looked for a glass dome cap RDA for a while and my friend had actually said to me to buy the Glaz when it came out. I have had the frosted top caps and I loved the look of those but I found they would crack and chip over time. The Glaz looked something special.

Once I got the package I immediately took it out of its wrapping and took a good look at it. The deck in all honesty scared me! It is so big and so empty I just knew no coils I had would fit. I got a set of coils from BGP Coils for the first build and they are whoppers! Biggest Ben’s ever done I think at the time! I also used a set from Ohmslife0.1 in a second build that were equally huge!

The package contained a second top cap which pleased me to see as I am a little clumsy. It also included a AFC ring to make the base black. Usual spares bag included too. I then realised I didn’t have a mod to fit it. Oddly UKVAPE.DEALS had posted an offer on a Voopoo Too and I knew it was massive width wise from my previous one (I gave it away in a moment of madness!) at £25 I had to buy it. As a kit it looks awesome! So all opened, new stuff bought to run the damn thing, time to get on with reviewing!


  • Dimensions – 40.4 x 30mm
  • Rebuildable Dripping / Squonking Atomizer
  • Modular style deck for postless & series
  • Unique Glass top cap for flavourful & warm vaping
  • Adjustable bottom angled airflow
  • Regular 510 pin & 510 squonking pin

Box includes:

  • 2 x Glass top cap
  • Black AFC ring
  • 2 x Silicone Mouth Tip Cap
  • SS AFC ring
  • 2 x Peek insulatorSteam-crave-glaz-rdsa
  • Build deck
  • Allen Key
  • Spare o ring and grub screws
  • Post for series modular
  • Squonk pin
  • User manual
  • Steam Crave sticker


How does it perform?


Honestly coming from an experienced builder but sometimes a little lax. This required a little thought!

I decided in some sort of brainwave that I would stick a triple coil build in there. Got my coils ordered some simple claptons and I ordered them all with 16 or 18 wraps, can’t remember now. However the middle posts are slightly smaller so the coils were too big. Not being experienced in anything over a dual build I initially took off 2 wraps of the middle coil and realised that the middle one would obviously heat quicker than the outer two. So took them all out and took off 2 wraps off the other 2 coils. This resulted in all coils being 14 wraps with a 3mm diameter. They ohm out at .45Ω so still high ohms for so much wire!

All the grub screws were well machined and although a little fiddly with the hex screw to tighten them up but it wasn’t the worst I’ve done! Wicking the Glaz was very easy and the big well does help. I believe the well is 5mm in-depth so plenty of room for lots of juice!

steam-crave-glaz-rdsaBuild #1 – Triple Coil

The set of three coils I put in for this build are from BGP Coils. Ben makes some fabulous coils and you should really check him out. These were some simple claptons with a 3mm diameter and 14 wraps. They come in as a trio at .45Ω. Cotton used was Cotton Candy, by far my favourite cotton. Find out more on cotton in my Cotton Lover post.

Covering the coils in my V-Juice Blackcurrant I give them a bit of power at 100W, when I juice up I always give it a couple of quick fires to get the juice to soak in. Works for me but are pretty saturated to start with. Not a lot of cloud at 100W, I work it up to 140W and its instantly firing and loads of clouds!


Is it hot?

Pop the cap on and take my first hit. I was expecting it to get really hot after reading other reviews complaining it was really hot. I found it warm but it was certainly not burning my lips like some had claimed. You now get drip tips to put on top of the glass dome. I think you are in danger of the glass getting mega hot if you are a chain vaper, I vape a lot but I also take 30+ secs before I take another drag.

Flavour Chaser?

Then flavour, there is a lot of flavour from this beauty! The angled airflow means the coils have a lot of air coming in and under them. The other plus of the angled airflow is that its very hard to over drip which means hardly any leakage. The coils seem to pop the blackcurrant flavour, sort of refreshes my love for Ribena! The shape of the glass dome sort of collects the vapour for you in readiness of being inhaled. This sounds a bit mental but I looked in the mirror while vaping and you can see the vapour coming up from the middle and going up into your mouth but the excess sort of rolls into the curves of the glass for the end of the inhale. It’s nice to see it in action!

Is it safe to vape at 140W?

The build drains 17.6A from the batteries which is perfectly safe and you need the high wattage to warm up these beastly coils. At end of day I am not using this on a mech and using on a regulated and it wouldn’t fire if anything was wrong. The device got no warmer than when I use say my apocalypse RDA with a .2Ω build in.

I have noticed that there is a lot of condensation on my mod and obviously in the top cap. I don’t over purge or anything so you do get a bit of a damp mod. However no major leaks and I am happy as larry!

So the triple build was full of flavour, warm and satisfying. A winner for me!

Build #2 – Dual Coil In Series 

First off forgot to take pics and when I’ve wicked and smothered it in blackcurrant juice it doesn’t look the best! So apologies!

So I don’t have a series box, so I don’t know how useful this part is but here goes.

I swapped the deck about to put the series post in and found it a little fiddly but I’ve got sausage fingers so someone a bit lighter touched would find it easy. Using some more of BGP Coils. Framed staples, 3mm dia. Installing the coils required a bit of thought and I did watch a video to check I was doing it right. You have to twist the top legs to go into the top holes and then pop the other leg in the deck. The deck feels sturdy and I don’t feel like it’s falling apart!

steam-crave-glaz-rdsaWicked and ready to go! 

Taking out the third coil has improved airflow for sure and is a more airy vape now. It is still warm but not unpleasant. Flavour is fantastic, maybe not as deep in flavour as the triple but still very rich and full of flavour. I’m vaping at 120W with these and coming in at .38Ω

The way a series post works is it acts as a bridge, so instead of reading 2 individual coils it makes the 2 coils one long coil. The centre post is neither negative or positive terminal those found on the deck. So when you attach 2 coils on the series post it works to complete the circuit. With series posts you cannot run a single coil. So my coils each were .20Ω roughly so in a series deck it becomes .38Ω, ohms double not halve. The non conductive material used probably ultem isolates the negative and positive terminals. The coils are connecting with the deck itself, one coil gets the positive and one coil gets the negative. (Remember I’m a noob to this and quite happy to be corrected!)

Anyway that burnt my brain out! It works but I am not getting the benefit of this really as I do not use PWM mods.

Overall it’s a good vape and well worth playing with but I think just sticking a duel in the postless would be best option for someone like me. This was an experiment really to just see what happened and to understand series a bit better but next dual build I do I’ll just do it on the postless deck.


A versatile and well thought out RDA from Steam Crave. They don’t tend to put out anything bad it seems.

I should point out this does have squonk pin but I think finding a squonker to fit it might be a little difficult unless you have a custom mod made.

This is a great RDA, a little more complex to build on perhaps for a newbie builder but for someone who is experienced but not an expert like me it is a perfect step into the large rebuildable market. I did enjoy vaping this beauty. It has the good looks you want and seeing your build is great and totally showing off! But when you can get sexy builds in there you want to show the vape world your builds. It is adaptable for those wanting a large squonking RDA, a RDA capable of doing series builds and a RDA that can take large builds. I have wanted something for a while to put ginormous builds in and I’ve found it. Now to see if I can get some more complex coils in there to try.

So if you want to get into the supersize RDA’s then this is your next step. I would perhaps like to see a metal top cap to see how that performs. Couple of marks down for the amount of condensation on the mod, the fact it is a little fiddly and i should note the O rings were split when it arrived but overall there is very little wrong with it.

If you are on the fence, just go for it! 

Buy the Glaz here – Glaz on Ecigone


Steam Crave Glaz RDSA
A perfect step into the world of super size vape gear!
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Cloud Production
Coil Variation
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Very large deck
  • Angled airflow minimises leaks & makes for a tasty vape!
  • Not the easiest to build on
  • O Rings were split when i received them
  • Fair bit of condensation on the mod
4.2Overall Score

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