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With the craze for pod systems, is the Suorin Air one of the best?


Suorin have become known for their pod systems. Suorin produce high quality products for the beginner vaper or the advanced vaper who needs a stealthier device.

The pod systems have become popular due to the recent addition to ranges of using nicotine salt instead of traditional nicotine. With some of the biggest brands bringing out nicotine salt ranges a pod system really is the perfect set up for those using these new juice ranges. Also the use of CBD has increased in the last year which again a pod system seems to be the favoured way of taking on board the CBD. I do use a pod system myself for my CBD and compared to a sub ohm tank it does seem to be more effective to use a pod system.

Suorin have created the Air to be easy to carry on you. It is tiny, about the length of a credit card but not quite as wide. It would be perfect to carry in your pocket or handbag. It’s very tactile and feels of good quality.

I will be using CBD for my review, which is Peng – Purple Haze. A full spectrum CBD that uses terpenes to create different strains of cannabis flavour. It is a 60/40 mix so perfect for these sort of devices. Purple Haze is quite fruity and light. Well worth a buy 😉




  • Weight: 35g
  • Dimensions: 86 x 43 x mm
  • Air Draw Activated Mechanism
  • 400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 2ml Refillable Pod/Cartridge
  • Pod Mouth: 300
  • Master on/off switch button
  • Battery life indicator light



How does it perform?suorin-air-electronic-cigarette-vaporizer

its a great little thing! The battery takes an hour or so to charge and the 400mah battery was ample for a full day of using it.

It is a lot easier to refill than a lot of pod systems and that is a big bonus and the fact the tab covering the hole is red makes it easy to ifentify what you should be pulling. On a few i have had it really is a struggle to know which hole is what! The pods literally slot into place, flick the one/off switch and take a puff and that’s it! I do advise for your first fill to let the juice sit in the pod for a bit to just saturate the cotton properly.

There is no noise from the device at all. No spitback & very little crackling. Just smooth and easy use.

flavour is fantastic. For a tiny little thing is proves its made of quality stuff with the flavour. I find with most restricted airflow devices the flavour is significantly improved through them and i can really tell with this. The flavour seems to punch a little bit better on this than my other pod system.

Well there is no airflow to control but what it gives you is plenty and of course it is restricted but it works well. There is about the same amount of vapour produced as a cigarette which is very appealing to those needing their nicotine but needing to be discreet. This is perfect.


This is a fantastic little device for anyone really! For the CBD users, nicotine salts, a beginner vaper or someone wanting to keep a stealthy device with them. I personally found the Air to be perfect for satisfying my urge to vape and was so smooth it was a pleasure to use.

If you are looking for a little set up then this will serve you well. The refill cartridges are not expensive to replace either so when you order your Suorin Air buy a couple of packs of refill cartridges.

Great stuff from Suroin!

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Suorin Air
Great pod system for anyone
Build Quality Of Mod
Ease Of Use Of Mod
Coil Life
Cloud Production
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Discreet
  • Build quality is brilliant
4.4Overall Score

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