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Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

Sweet & petite but does it pack a punch?

So my first time on a MTL RDA & it’s this the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA! I admit now I have no idea how this is going to turn out as I have never used a MTL tank and I have totally forgotten how to inhale a cigarette so this is a challenge just to adapt my vaping style.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA & Voopoo Mojo

This is the Vapefly Galaxies RDA, it is a petite sweet little thing and does look very nice. Mine came in black which as you can see goes well on the Voopoo Mojo.

It is a single coil RDA and it can only take little coils. I have used some flat wire coils in this build and Cotton Candy to wick with. It was a little fiddly to build but I am sure once you’ve done it a couple of times it will be very easy to do. I struggle with detailed tasks because of my arthritis, so my experience is possibly down to that.


So a few facts on the RDA:

  • Comes in black, gold, silver & rainbow
  • 22mm diameter & a tiny 32.4mm in height (told you it was small!)
  • Single coil RDA
  • It has 6 levels of side airflow control plus it has a unique screw airflow control within the deck, this could be interesting to play with.
  • A slot design in the cap so it is easy to remove
  • Delrin middle section to help with dispersing heat up to the drip tip
  • Comes with a BF pin
  • Part gold plating to the deck
  • You can also buy see-through caps in 3 colours
  • Drip tip is a standard 510 fitting & replaceable


Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

Building the Vapefly Galaxies RDA

Building the Galaxies RDA was a little difficult, this style of deck I am not used to so I had to get to grips with that and it is a very small deck you are working with. It does have a deep well, great for those like me who like their dripper juiced up and not dripping every 2 minutes. The coil I am using is 5 wraps Ni80 Flat wire & 2mm ID. The coil is coming in a .18. They fire up quick and get a fair bit of flavour from them. It is a sweet little deck. I have adjusted the screws so the airflow is wide open so it is more DTL and easier for me to use but will adjust as I try it till I find my sweet spot.


How does it vape?

So I started off with it fully open and it’s like a DTL and very airy and plenty of cloud. I started at 50W but I dropped it down to 40W as it was given me a bit of a throat hit. I am only using a 3mg juice in the RDA.

Vapefly Galaxies RDANow down to 40W I drop the airflow down half way and clouds decreased and it’s a slightly tighter draw and still getting a bit of a throat hit with it. Flavour has increased and tastes different to when I DTL on a normal RDA. It feels more restricted but I do have the screw control wide open so this will be making it more airy.

Dropped down to last hole, reduced the watts to 30W and the draw is a lot tighter and I am having to put a little effort it to inhale it. Flavour is good and clouds are much like a normal MTL tank now.

Tightened up the screw control and this really does change it and makes it a lot harder to take a puff but flavour is top-notch. It has now become a MTL and moved completely away from direct to lung vaping. I think the top open airflow is suitable for people like me who perhaps would want something more stealthy without sacrificing the DTL experience. Screw the airflow down on the deck and you get that flavourful and tighter inhale. There is a throat hit and I’m only using a 3mg, I wouldn’t recommend dripping over 6mg on this!



I used this on and off for around 2 weeks and I found it a great RDA for flavour and I had zero problems with it. It works really well on the Mojo and it really becomes a nice little stealth device, something for a gig or day out where you perhaps don’t want to draw attention by puffing a load of big clouds! If you like a bit of a throat hit then at low watts with airflow closed down it really delivers one. So every day use no complaints from me!

It is aesthetically pleasing which is important to people and if I am honest from the group the most MTL vapers are generally women and how something looks is often important a female when buying a piece of vape gear.

Vapefly Galaxies RDA

It’s pretty easy to build on but if you have trouble with your hands you may struggle a little but it is doable. I did need a pair of pliers to pull the leg into place so bear that in mind if you don’t have a pair of pliers. Stick to simple coils for best performance.

You can DTL with this when it is wide open on the deck and using the widest hole on the cap airflow. Move the airflow down and tighten up the inner screw airflow and it becomes a true MTL RDA, fantastic flavour, small amount of clouds and works a dream at low watts.

I have not tried a MTL RDA before but maybe I should look into the others as well to try. Overall this is a fantastic bit of kit, a cheaper alternative to the more widely known MTL RDA’s but performs really well.

Top marks Vapefly!


Check out more on the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA here – Vapefly site

Buy your Vapefly Galaxies RDA here – Ecigone

Buy the Voopoo Mojo kit here – Premier Vaping

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA
A brilliant MTL Rda with the option for a slightly restricted DTL experience too. Build quality is excellent as is the airflow options. The flavour is top notch and cloud production varies dependant on your airflow option. Overall a great bit of kit.
Build Quality
Deck & Ease Of Building
Airflow Options
Cloud Production
4.4Overall Score

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