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Do we need a squonking RDTA? vapefly-galaxies-mtl-rdta

I received this RDTA from Vapefly, thank you for allowing me to review another piece of hardware for you.

This RDTA intrigued me as do we really need a squonking RDTA? Surely having a juice bottle in the squonker means you don’t need the well in the RDTA? Maybe I am wrong but my review will concentrate on this being a standard RDTA as I am not a fan of squonking. I have never got on with it, I’ve owned a couple of squonkers now and I find myself over squonking and flooding the RDA. I’ve got the time to drip too so it’s all a little pointless for me.

So Vapefly are becoming the specialist in MTL rebuildables. I have reviewed a couple of their products already. You can find the reviews below:

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I also have the Core RTA to review in the future and the Wormhole RDA is being reviewed by KC Vape Reviews in the next few weeks, this will feature as a guest review on this site.

Vapefly make well made, well thought out and pretty products. They put a lot of effort into designing their products to fit everyone’s needs. With the MTL & DTL products they have lots of airflow options and unique ways of changing the airflow. The Galaxies RDTA does not buck the trend in design.

vapefly-galaxies-mtl-rdtaFirst Look

I received my Galaxies RDTA a few weeks ago but I have played catch up with my reviews without flooding the site but I am slowly getting on top of them! I opened up the box and was faced with a beautiful small RDTA. It has a lovely curved shape with a constellation style markings on the cap. Mine is in silver and came with the white semi-opaque drip tip and it really does look like a lovely piece of kit.

It feels well made and solid, taking it apart was easy and everything is well machined and working perfectly. The finish on Vapefly products is always top-notch.

So far so good!


  • Diameter – 22.20mm
  • Height W/O drip tip 28.50mm Height With drip tip – 48.50mm
  • Weight – 41g
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Single coil deck
  • 2 Drip tip options
  • Heat dissipating cap
  • 360° Airflow options including unique screw AFC on deck
  • Squonking compatible (comes with standard 510 installed)
  • Spring loaded filling port
  • Gold plated 510 pins
  • Colours available are: Silver, Black, Blue & Rainbow

Is it any good?vapefly-galaxies-mtl-rdta


What can I say about building in it? It is a simple and easy to use deck. I used the coil included in the box as I find Vapefly’s coils are pretty damn good. The deck is a simple screw down and takes maybe 2 minutes to stick a coil in. Coil turned a lovely blue when heated at 12W and a quick strum and the hot spots were gone. Wicking again was very easy. There is 2 holes which are ample sized to get the wick in. I made sure to thin out the ends and wicked it so the ends just brush the bottom of the well (is it called a well or a tank?).

Filling this RDTA is a dream! It has a filling port that you just stick the nozzle of the bottle in which I tried with a unicorn style nib and a smaller type too and both worked fine, a bit more tricky with the larger nozzle but still able to do so. You press down and squeeze your bottle gently and it fills the 2ml tank quickly. I always wet the cotton and coil too just so I know its saturated.

So no complaints when it comes to building, wicking or filling this RDTA. In fact I think it works perfectly!

vapefly-galaxies-mtl-rdtaHow does it vape? 

I experimented with all the airflow options and in any combination the flavour is rich and concentrated. Generally I find the MTL rebuildables from Vapefly are very good for flavour and this does not differ from the trend.

You can adjust the airflow by moving the cap around and using all of those holes and then you can also adjust the airflow with their screw down vents on the actual deck. I am not sure on these if I am honest, I suppose it works but I think maybe just extra holes on the cap would be sufficient in bringing flavour out but the screws on the deck do give adjustment to your needs but perhaps I find that a fixed hole would work just as well and using the holes on the cap to adjust the airflow. I am a simple vaper really, I know how I like my airflow and as a DTL vaper the majority of the time I tend towards the more airy vape. So it works well but I find I end up not playing with it apart from for the purpose of reviewing.

So flavour is good, airflow options good but not necessarily needed and cloud is what you expect from a MTL tank really.

Overall conclusion

Another fab bit of kit from Vapefly! They haven’t produced a MTL rebuildable I have not been keen on. However compared to the Galaxies MTL RDA this is a definite improvement. The quality of the actual RDTA is more solid, everything seems more honed and well made.

It lends itself to a basic builder and perhaps even to a newish vaper who is sick of the stock coil option but not wanting to go DTL or complex building decks. The airflow options are there if you want them but I think once you find your sweet point you won’t change it. I did use a slightly wider drip tip at one point and it did open up the airflow and I got more of a DTL hit, no bad thing so for a more discreet DTL vape you will like that.

It’s a great piece of kit and I enjoy it, whether you will, well is up to you but for me its a great MTL RDTA and something that the market lacks.

Find out more on the Galaxies RDTA here – Vapefly website

Buy the Galaxies MTL RDTA here – Ecigone website

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Cloud Production
Airflow Options
4.3Overall Score

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