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Another first for me! The new Galaxies MTL RTA from Vapefly. Should you buy it?

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

After my review of the Vapefly Galaxies RDA I was given the latest addition to the Vapefly atty family, Galaxies MTL RTA.

I don’t have much experience with RTA’s and certainly not a MTL one! So this will be a real trial of how easy this is to set up and get going and not get any dry hits.

Firstly this is a sweet and pretty little thing. It looks clean in appearance, lovely and sleek. It’s beautifully made and well made too. I cannot fault Vapefly on their attention to detail and ability to produce quality atomizer’s. Right down to the roman numerals to show you the airflow options, it’s a nice touch to a gorgeous little RTA.

Vapefly are a great company and produce some attractive pieces of hardware that are unique and stylish but at the same time being practical.


So specifications of the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA are:

  • 22.2mm DiameterVapefly Galaxies MTL RTA
  • 49.45mm Height
  • Materials used are stainless steel & glass
  • Drip tips – Clear/orange is PMMA & the black tip is delrin
  • Single coil deck
  • 360° surround airflow for enhanced flavour
  • Standard Version is 3ml but also comes with bubble glass to increase the capacity.
  • A silicone insert is used to make this tank TPD compliant (so easily removed)
  • Colours available are: Black, Stainless & Gold

Airflow & the options

There is several ways of adjusting the airflow in the Galaxies MTL RTA. There is a unique gear wheel system that gives 8 levels of airflow. You will adjust with the wheels at the base of the RTA. These are shown by roman numerals on the wheels.

It also has a very unique cube in the middle of the deck which increases airflow options once again. There is 4 options again here to restrict or open the airflow by using different sized holes in the cubes.  One is already on the RTA and one in the spares bag. This could take some tweaking for your personal preference but please allow the RTA to cool completely down before attempting to remove the cube for safety reasons. The cube is kept in place with a screw at the side of the deck and easy to install and change around.

So airflow is mad on this RTA! So many options but is it too many?!

Building on the deckVapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

It is a small deck and only takes small coils. I used the ni80 26awg coils supplied with the RTA, I thought it was perhaps best to try their coils out. They come in at .80. It is so simple to build on, literally 5 mins and it’s done. Simple screw to hold each leg in place, sits perfectly over the airflow and leaves plenty of room for the wick.

Time to wick…

I am a little unsure how to wick this as the holes from the chamber to the tank isn’t wide open. It’s just 2 small holes so I can’t poke the wick through very well so I am hoping that it will wick fine and I won’t get dry hits. I did have to seek advice on wicking as I was very unsure if it would work well. So fingers crossed this does work ok. Time to juice her up!

How does the Galaxies MTL RTA perform?

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

Well wicking was pretty easy. I just cut it to the length of the bottom of the deck, thinned it out and then poked down. I was really worried about wicking it and it proved not a problem at all. However she did leak terribly when I first put juice in & I got a short. I took it apart, gave everything a proper tightening. No more short and stopped leaking! So I don’t think this was down to the RTA but down to user error.

I let the juice soak up for half hour and then started with a couple of false pulls and away I went. Once adjusted the airflow to how I wanted it and found both holes sort of midway was best for me. Would like to note it is really easy to knock the gear wheels and I did do it a few times so be aware of that when using. I got a few bubbles which I am told is good as it means it’s taking up juice well.

This is a true MTL RTA. I struggled a bit to inhale it as I have not used a MTL RTA before I didn’t know what expect. It gives a real throat hit and I was using my usual V-Juice Blackcurrant at 3mg but it did feel like I was getting a real throat hit from it. I however if I thought about it should have used a 70/30 or 60/40 I didn’t really think.


The flavour is insane! It is smooth and really brings out the flavours well. My juice is fruity and rich. It’s not dulled at all by it, its brought a fresh element to my juice. The more restricted the airflow the more flavour is brought out and fills your mouth. It really does feel that the vapour coming into my mouth is full of blackcurrants! Great dense flavour from this MTL setup.

Cloud Production

Even at midway on the airflow I am getting very little in the way of clouds, but what you do get is thin and definitely discreet. I did play a little with the airflow options but found my sweet spot and stuck with it. it’s very easy to change the block and move the wheels so it’s not a problem to play with it each time you re-wick.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAA few little niggles though…

  • The drip tip gets quite warm even on low watts which is a little off-putting but perhaps it was more down to my vaping style.
  • The wheels are very easy to catch and knock out of your desired hole.
  • I found it very difficult to get the glass to come away from the top piece of the tank, I gave up in the end in fact & got my partner to do it for me and even he found it a struggle.

But that’s it really for me, otherwise it’s a smashing little MTL RTA! I really do like this and will become one of those that goes into the regular circulation. It’s not going to get me to go away from DTL but for when im searching for flavour it will be what I turn to.


Find out more about the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA here – Vapefly site

Buy the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA here – SR-Vapes

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA
Excellent MTL RTA! Really enjoyed the flavour from this great piece of kit.
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Airflow Options
Cloud Production
  • Excellent flavour
  • Tonnes of airflow options
  • Discreet
  • Hot drip tip
  • The gear wheels are easily caught and changed
  • It is a little fiddly
4.2Overall Score

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