We’ve all had the dreaded vaper’s tongue. It is awful and means you cannot taste your favourite juice any more. So why do we get it? 

Well it is actually your nose that’s the issue here and not your tongue. Smell is a big part to what we taste in our mouth. What causes vaper’s tongue is actually exhaustion of the olfactory. So the olfactory are responsible for differentiating smells and tastes. If these are overloaded with one flavour then they shut down and our taste becomes muted. Vaper’s tongue feels like you have a thickening on the tongue when in fact it’s not at all! It is actually gradual loss of flavour but it seems to just randomly happen immediately from this shutdown of the olfactory.

So how do i get rid of it?

So many remedies knocking about, some may work but most don’t for the majority of people. Vaper’s tongue can last 1-3 days and they are frustrating as you don’t enjoy vaping at all. You could vape through it, i’m guilty for just doing that to be honest but it could actually prolong the problem rather than solve it.

People suggest citrus fruit, sniffing or drinking strong coffee, changing flavours, using menthol or aniseed Eliquid, the list is endless. What works for you may not work for others.

Things that could shorten the period of dulled taste is vaping 100% VG with no nicotine added. Not exactly exciting but will cleanse the palate and when you go to vape your ADV again your taste will be restored. This could take a couple of days to work.

Keeping hydrated helps too but that’s just a general rule of thumb if you vape.

Good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth, i brush my tongue too but that’s up to you and using mouthwash.

So is there a cure? 

Not really. It’s just part and parcel of being a vaper. No actual cure and no way to stop it really. Your olfactory will recover eventually and time is the only thing that will see it off.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


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  1. Sandy

    Like you said, water is definitely going to help though. Switching flavors often does too. Nice to read this!

  2. Julie

    I’d say there are some things that can help… Hydration is definitely helpful. I’ve also had luck with menthol flavors as well. Really manages to break through the Vapers Tongue if that makes any sense.


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