Vaping Terminology Explained

I’m asked a lot about the terminology of vaping so i thought maybe this would be a good thing for me to add to the site for people to learn what it all means 🙂

I’ll try and cover the basics but i will no doubt miss some off if i do leave a comment and I’ll add it.

Let’s start then…

Mod – This is basically the battery pack and what fires your tank.

Mechanical Mod – Also referred to as mech mods or mechs, these are mods that don’t have any wires or regulating chips. Usually made of a metal tube with a manual switch that is pressed to complete the circuit, mech mods can also come in box shapes.

Regulated Mod – Has a way of changing the wattage & other settings.

Semi Regulated Mod – Generally this is referring to a Variable Voltage mod which has basic protection features & is limited to how you can change the settings.

Unregulated Mod – This is a mech mod.

18650 – The most popular battery size for mods, these batteries give users decent power and battery life, there are other types of batteries as well that are commonly used such as the 20700 or 21700.

Built-In Battery/Internal Battery – This means that the battery is enclosed within the mod and is charged via USB.

Pass-through – When a mod is described as having pass-through capabilities, this means the unit can be used while it is charging, connected to a cable. It can also refer to pass-through models where no batteries are present but are instead powered by plugging the USB cable into an adaptor, computer or power bank.

VV or Variable Voltage – A mod that allows users to adjust its voltage output according to taste, it is considered superior to regular PVs that have static voltage outputs.

VW or Variable Wattage – Variable Wattage devices allow users to adjust the wattage output of their mod. The mod adjusts the power according to the set wattage and is the main difference between VW and VV.

DTL or Direct to lung – This means that you take the vapour straight into your lungs, much like if you hit a bong (if you’ve ever done that!)

MTL or Mouth to lung This replicates the way you smoke a cigarette. It is generally a tighter draw and means you hold the vapour in your mouth briefly before you take it into your lungs.

Airflow – The amount of air sucked into an atomiser or tank. Looser airflow results in more vapour, while tighter airflow results in less vapour but more intense flavour.

Atomiser – What sits on top of your mod that you put eliquid into to create the vapour. The word is starting to fall into disuse, with more people using words like RDA, RTA & tank.

Stock Or Premade Coil This is a coil that is ready made and is essentially a plug and play.

Coils Bit difficult to differentiate this in a clear way but ‘coils’ can also mean coils you make yourself or ones you buy from a coil builder that you will fit in a rebuildable atomiser.

Wick – Cotton (generally) that becomes saturated when you add Eliquid.

Priming – Before using a new atomiser, a few drops of liquid are added then made to sit for a few minutes to let the e-juice saturate the wick fully.

Eliquid/Ejuice/Juice – This is what you use in your tank with nicotine added.

Short fill – A volume of eliquid that has no nicotine added. These came about at TPD so you could still get juice in larger bottles and not just 10ml.

Ohm – This is the unit that the resistance of the coil is measured in.

Sub-ohm – This means your coil is under 1 ohm. To sub ohm, you are DTL generally.

510 – The most common and popular style of the atomizer, it’s threading has become the industry standard with most atomizers/tanks.

Atty – Abbreviation for atomiser.

Tank This is what holds your Eliquid and makes the vapour from the power your mod provides.

RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser

RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomiser

RBA – Rebuildable Atomiser

Pod – A device that contains a removable pod which you add eliquid to. These are often throwaway pods but some are reusable where you change the coil. These are generally made for MTL vaping & the use of nic salts.

Deck – The part of the atomiser where the positive and negative posts are found. This term is usually used to describe rebuildable atomisers, with larger decks being easier to rebuild on.

Dripping – Where e-liquid is dripped directly onto the coil.

Purge – Blowing into the atomiser before taking a drag to expel excess juice.

Dry Hit – Where you take a lungful of vapour and realise that the coil/wick hasn’t got enough liquid saturated into it and it tastes rank! Proper horrid so make sure you keep your juice topped up!

Spitback – When juice spits up from the coil, careful might burn your lips and tickle your tongue lol

Squonking – Refers to the action of the squeezing a bottle of e-liquid which is directly attached to the coil in your mod.

DIY – Do-it-yourself. This usually refers to homemade e-juice.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of two base substances used in e-liquid. PG is an over-the-counter substance used in many foodstuffs.

Vegetable Glycerol or Glycerine (VG) – One of two base ingredients used in the production of e-liquid. Vegetable Glycerol typically produces more vapour than Propylene Glycol (PG). Users who are allergic to PG often use 90% or 100% VG solutions.

Nic or Nic Shot – Nicotine. A nic shot is generally 10ml of 15mg or 18mg.

Nic Salts – Either a pre-made eliquid with nic salts in or as a nic shot. Nic salts are a smoother way of using high nicotine strengths such as 20mg. They also lend themselves to be absorbed by the body in a more effective way. These are mainly used in pods. Nic salts comprise of nicotine & benzoic acid.

ADV/All Day Vape – An e-liquid which is ideal for vaping all day.

Vaper’s Tongue – A sensation felt when a user uses too much of one flavour, causing the tongue to become desensitized. It can also refer to the tickling sensation on the tongue after a long vape session.

Vape Mail – Receiving vaping gear in the post.

Hand Check – Mod & juice generally in your hand.

Table Check – Mod & juice on a table top.

Coil Porn – Pictures of coils.

Vape Porn – Pictures of vaping equipment or vaping in general.

Vape Bands – These are rubber bands that go around your tank to protect the glass if you drop the tank or knock it over.

Drip Tip – This is the mouthpiece to your atomiser. You can get a 510 drip tip which fits most MTL tanks & smaller sub ohm tanks. 810 tips which fit tanks like the TFV8 & finally Goon style tips which are mainly suitable for rebuildable atomisers.

There are loads more but this is the basics and should cover what you need to know as a new vaper.

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