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VivaKita Fusion AIO Review

So i was sent this sweet little pocket AIO by Archer at VivaKita, Thank you hun!

I’ve never been one for low wattage mods and i’ve never owned a AIO before. Was i to be surprised or not?

A little run down of this palm sized mod is needed so you get the picture of what the mod is all about.

First off it is packaged up nicely, has all the usual stuff in the box. So got it straight on charge and eagerly waited for it to be ready. It does have passthrough charging function but the lead is pretty short so unless i’m wanting to hang my head over the charger i’ll just wait.

Once charged i filled it up with some apple and peach nerdy and let it soak in. They recommend to prime the coil, which i did before filling the tank. The tank is 2ml capacity but don’t let that put you off as 2ml goes a long way in one of these. I did overfill a little so got a bit come out the top when i put the coil back in but that’s my fault not the mod’s.

The mod has 3 lights under the fire button which lets you know the watts you are putting out and when your internal battery is running low.

So 3 lights is 50w, 2 lights is 40w and 1 light is 30w. The battery does keep its charge really well, i get about 6 hours of use before i need to recharge and i’m a bit of a chain vaper.

When you release the button that’s when it shows you the amount of charge you have, so 3 lights is 3.8-4.2v, 2 lights 3.4-3.8v and 1 light is 3.0-3.4v. The battery is 1500mah so a good size for such a little mod and will do you fine for say a night out or a trip out.

In the front in the tank you get a different colour of the rainbow show as you vape, nice little touch i feel.

Let’s vape!

Got a bit of a crackle for the first few pulls but soon settled down. Well it is awesome! For such a little mod it packs a punch! So full charge you get a fair amount of cloud and flavour is amazing, deep and rich. It certainly doesn’t lack for being so small. As i do tend to chain vape it can get a little warm but this stayed pretty cool. I had to refill every sort of 3/4-1 hour, so not bad on juice. So easy to use, fire button is soft, no rattle on it either. It’s a solid piece of kit. 

I feel this would be perfect for those wanting a discreet mod or just starting to sub ohm. The coils are sub ohm and are .25. Coil lasted me roughly a week and a half before i had to change. Coils are simple to fit too, just pull off and push back on!

I had no leaks and it even ended up on its side in my handbag and it didn’t leak, so thats a bonus. The cap does have a child lock feature so you have to push down and turn. You have adjustable airflow to give you a tighter draw and less clouds. It also has a automatic lock which kicks in after 10 minutes of not being used.

This is a great bit of kit for the money. If you want something to pop in your pocket or handbag then this fits the bill.

Really can’t find any fault with it and i give it a massive thumbs up!

Thanks VivaKita!

Find Vivakita site here & see what other great products they have on offer – VivaKita Website

VivaKita Fusion AIO
As you can see from above i love this! I cant find any fault with it to be honest. Well done VivaKita!
Vivakita Fusion Review
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket friendly
  • Attractive design
Easy Filling
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Great battery life
  • Great flavour & cloud production
5.0Overall Score

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