Who Am I?

Hi lovelies!

My name is Franny and many of you know me from the group UK Vape Deals that I run along with my friends 🙂

As an ex smoker of 22 years. I smoked 40 a day and I have now been free of tobacco for 2 years. I now have a large collection of mods, RDA’s & tanks. I mainly vape at 75-140w using an RDA, it’s rare I use a tank these days. However I do appreciate a good tank and a small discreet mod.

I have a passion for vaping, maybe an unhealthy obsession with it even but it saved my life.

I give back to the community when I can & I will help anyone that wants to stay smoke free. This was my goal when I signed up to the group. I wanted to help people give up smoking and to keep off them for good. Being part of this community has helped me no end and I have gained solid friendships. The community is great for giving and receiving advice and I hope to help with that in my own way.

I want to make this site a go to for knowing if a product is worth buying and for those wishing to know more about vaping and its benefits.

​I am asked daily about whats a good juice or mod and I feel it’s time I now set something up to bring you easy to follow reviews. These reviews are based on performance. Not just a few days but a couple of weeks of trialling it and coming to a conclusion. I want you to know if it’s really a good product and is worthy of hype or not. I don’t plan on getting too technical! I will hand that over to my good friend and fellow reviewer Karl, KC Vape Reviews. He does great reviews and takes the technical stuff on.

​So this is my foray into reviewing!

I welcome juice makers, shops and hardware manufacturers to contact me to review their products. Please use the Contact Me page.

I am a friendly and caring person, open to most things and I want you to benefit from this as well as me. I plan to run competitions and do live feeds via YouTube or the group. If you need advice then please get in contact and I will aim to respond within the day.

Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to speaking at some point!

Lots of love xx