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A luxury mod from Voopoo & Woody Vapes but is the X217 as good as anticipated? 

Voopoo X217 ModI would like to thank Voopoo for the X217 🙂 A company I love to deal with and I am a massive fan! I got a Drag when it was first released and she is still going, bit battered but still hits as hard as the 1st day I used it. Fantastic bit of kit! I also own 2x Too’s, Drag 2, Drag Mini, 2x Drag, Mojo, V-Mate & a Panda! I would love to complete the collection with an Alpha 1 and the new Alpha Zip soon 🙂

Voopoo consistently put out good products, been a few failures but most of the time it is excellent pieces of kit. I have reviewed several Voopoo products already, find them here Too, Panda & Mojo

The X217 mod had a delayed (or at least vague) release date and people were eager to get their hands on one. I thought when I first saw it was that it looked pretty big. Beautiful looking but a weight in your hand. When the X217 was released the UKVD group was awash with vapemail & handchecks of the X217. There have been very few X217 2nd hand sales on the group either which speaks a thousand words.

First impressionsVoopoo X217 Mod

When I first received it and opened it up I thought it is a chunky bit of kit. Took it out and you can feel the weight of it just without batteries. The build quality is amazing, the paint job is immaculate and looks resistant to wear. I like the resin accents but they’ve not gone as overboard as they could with that and I like the fact it is restrained. The carbon fibre on the side feels nice in the hand and adds to its good looks. The packaging is even nice. It feels special if that makes sense. A lot of products just feel like nothing extra was thought about. Voopoo has made a mod that looks sleek and stunning then wrapped it up in good quality packaging to make something that feels worthy of the price tag.

Had a read through the instructions, opened up the packages in the bottom to get the adapters out. Slid some batteries in and away I go!

Voopoo X217 Mod

X217 specifications

The X217 takes 3 different types of batteries, 18650 (with adapters), 21700 & 20700. Voopoo has made their own 21700 batteries to go with the X217 but my mod did not come with them. I am assuming my version is for safety in shipping maybe? Dunno but I didn’t get any. Voopoo’s own batteries are 21700 and can provide a combined 7500mah which would be optimum for the mod to perform at perhaps it’s best. Buy your batteries from a trusted vendor like 18650.uk use code UKVD to get 15% off.

The mod has an output of 5W to 217W which I feel is plenty for the majority of vapers.

7-colour LED on the front of the mod. As voopoo put it ‘to stimulate the senses‘.

4 modes to be used – Wattage, voltage, Temperature & custom

Resistance for wattage mode is .05-3.0Ω & Temperature mod is .05-1.5Ω

The temperature range is 100-315°c

Comes with the GENE.FAN chip. This provides a firing speed of .01 seconds

High definition screen

The mod is made from zinc alloy, resin & Voopoo say leather panels but it is carbon fibre.

Without batteries it weighs 177g

Dimensions are – 93mm x 50.6mm x 33mm

Protections on the X217Voopoo X217 Mod

  • Reverse charging protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overtime protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Output over-current protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Supports balanced charging

What do I think?

The mod is a lovely bit of kit and is stylish, powerful and well made. X217 looks like a luxury mod and its finish is perfect.

It is a big mod though and reasonably weighty with just 18650’s in so I imagine it will be a little heavier with the 20700 & 21700 batteries in. Maybe a little cumbersome for my little sausage-fingered hand but for many, I am sure it will be fine.

It is a centre 510 and can take up to a 30mm Atty, my Recoil Rebel looks quite small on it! The fire button lines up with the 510 and is in resin. I feel the fire button could be a bit bigger. Only a couple of millimetres but my thumb would often miss the button a little. Whether it affects others is unknown to me but little things like that make it spot on.

Voopoo X217 ModBatteries

I don’t own any 20700 or 21700. I know I have to cave and get some but the expense puts me off. All of my everyday mods take 18650’s so personally I don’t use them and forking out nearly £40 on batteries puts me off. So this review was for 18650 Samsung 30Q only. The battery door is lovely and just snaps shut and not annoying to open. I used the battery adapters that are provided.

I know this has been a common problem from what I have read anyway, there is some battery rattle with 18650’s but it is minimal and only seems to do it at certain angles, sort of get a clunk. It also would often come up with a ‘check battery’ message when these clunks happened. Batteries were full and would happen 1-2 times during one set of batteries. Not really a big issue and I am sure is solved by using the other batteries. Battery life was good and was getting 6 hours, maybe more. It would get to the last 1/4 and an obvious drop happened and became weak. I was running it at 110W on a .22Ω set of coils in the Recoil Rebel.

MenusVoopoo X217 Mod

What can i say? Difficult to remember! Certainly, for me it was. I struggled to remember how to get into it and then the 2nd menu for the modes, why couldn’t it be on the same menu? So yep, remembering the sequence to get into it for me was difficult.

On the main menu, you have a few things to change about if you so wish.

These are: Lock menu, clock, brightness, LED options, wallpaper, language, time settings, date settings & Software version.

They are all pretty self-explanatory i think so I don’t need to cover them fully. I am sure Voopoo will update the software at some point and if you visit their site you should be able to download the installer and follow instructions. I particularly like the wallpaper option and the clock is a nice touch too.

Press the up & down buttons and you will get another menu which is: power mode, select power & volt mode. Power mode has 3 options to pick from, standard & pulse 2 & 3. Select power is memory mode basically & a volt mode is a nice option for more advanced vapers.

Voopoo X217 ModDoes it perform?

Yes. Very much so. It is an instant hit thanks to the GENE chip. I have been using it with an RDA as my daily mod and apart from the niggles I’ve mentioned earlier, there are no real complaints. Yes, it’s a bit bulky but it has all the power you could want and the stylish look. It looks more high end than the price tag lets on and i cannot see you being disappointed in your purchase. I loved the mod, to be honest, and i really didn’t think i would. I will get some new batteries for this as i could do without the check battery with the adapters! Well worth splashing out on as a special purchase 🙂


Find out more on the X217 on the Voopoo website – X217 on Voopoo.com

Buy the X217 here for just £46.99 with FREE postage – UK Vape Kings 

X217 from Voopoo x Woody Vapes
Build quality
Ease of use
How does it hit
Battery life
  • Outstanding design & build quality
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent features, such as the wallpaper & clock
  • It's a big mod & has some weight to it
  • I'd like the fire button to be a fraction bigger
  • Battery rattle & sometimes says check battery with the 18650 adapters in
4.1Overall Score

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