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Has it been handed down from the Gods?

geekvape-zeus-dual-rtaGeekvape sent me the new Zeus Dual RTA to review and I must say thank you to them for sending me one 🙂

First off its beefy! I’ve not much experience with RTA’s but this seems large and wide, would be even wider with the bubble glass on! I received the blue version of the Zeus & it really is good-looking design wise and quality is brilliant as I am finding with many Geekvape products. They don’t bang out stuff with little thought, everything is well made, functional, user-friendly and designed impeccably.

My Zeus is the 4ml version and only came with a spare glass no bubble but I believe the latest batch do come with the bubble glass. A big bag of spares including drip tips, seals, screws & coils among other bits and pieces.

So let’s do some specifications:GeekVape-ZEUS-Dual-Colors

  • Dual Coil version of the Zeus RTA
  • Leak-proof top airflow
  • Postless deck that supports dual and single coil builds
  • compatible with 810 & 510 drip tips
  • Bubble glass makes it 5.5ml
  • Dimensions are:
    • 38.9mm in height without drip tip with 810 drip tip it is 50.4mm
    • 25mm wide with standard 4ml glass & 29mm with bubble glass
  • TPD version is 4ml but has a rubber bung to make it 2ml (remove bung and it will be 4ml)
  • Gold plated 510 pin
  • Colours available are: Steel, gun-metal, Black, Blue, Red & Black, Rainbow, Polished Steel & Gold.

How does it perform?

Ease of useGeekvape Zeus Dual RTA

The deck is pretty fiddly. The grub screws are tiny and if you unscrew too far they fall out and I was searching for a few minutes to find it lol It is pretty easy to install coils though and I got some nice aliens in from BGP Coils. Bit of guess-work on working out leg length but I’m sure once you are used to it I doubt it would be a problem. The airflow holes where they come up at the side of the deck does make it a bit of a faff to straighten the coils.

The wick holes are pretty small so fitting 2 lengths of cotton even thinned out was a squeeze but it could be some smaller diameter coils would not cause so much of a problem. I opted for my wick to touch the bottom of the deck as I took some advice from someone who used the single coil and they said that with the wick touching the base was the best he found. I opted for Cotton Candy to wick with which is fabulous for soaking up juice.

Adjusting the airflow is pretty stiff but over time I imagine it becomes a little looser. The filling holes are nice and big so easy to fill but the cap does need a little concentration. It seems to need to be lined up properly before it’ll screw down but once on its on, it is tight. The top of the cap has a rubber seal to again prevent leaks. I let the juice soak in and no leaks after an hour of sitting and drawing in the juice. I was extra careful about making sure everything was tight as I put it together.


Flavour is amazing! It’s weird I use RDA’s all the time, I rarely use a tank these days but lately the tanks I’ve tried the flavour has been brilliant. The Zeus has made the flavour a bit sharper and brighter than my RDA. You can taste the juicy blackcurrant’s! I know a lot of flavour comes from the coils and my coils are beautifully made and ultrasonic cleaned but this RTA is outstanding. The airflow I think helps as its going down the chamber and straight under the coils. This flow of air seems to really bring out fruity flavours. Scores highly for flavour!

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA

Cloud Production/Airflow

I find with top airflow the cloud production is never massive even hitting the 110w it’s not billowing clouds just enough to feel satisfied. The flow of air means it goes down the chamber, under the coils and then up the centre. This mean the air is cool as you inhale and is slightly restricted. I took it to 130W on my .10 aliens and it did start to warm up a little but still pretty cool in comparison to a RDA or a stock coil tank.


Flavour wise this is brilliant and provides a rich and flavourful vape. To me it wasn’t a cloud machine but the amount at 130W was plenty for me and I like being a dry ice machine usually! So gives enough to satisfy. There was no leaks at all so it lives up to its claims. Also I am a little cautious of dry hits but I had none which is a bonus! Different drip tips didn’t seem to effect it much to be honest so I stuck to the one that comes installed.

I had a few little issues with it though. It had a tendency to spit when I took a long hit. I had it at high enough watts to not spit from not getting to temperature so it does seem to flood, however I am not an expert at wicking RTA’s so I would imagine this is probably down to my wicking. The little problems with the deck that I’ve already mentioned but again this is just personal and I don’t think this is an issue for most people who own the RTA, it’s my fat fingers and lack of precision!

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA

Feedback on the group from what I have read is good. A few people have mentioned it spitting but the majority and I mean 99% love their Zeus and swear by it.

I don’t think you can go wrong if you want an RTA that looks bomb-proof and performs well. This is not a dainty piece of kit but it really is a great addition to a collection. I think the issues I have had are mine and not the RTA’s fault. You must remember I review on my experience and everyone’s opinion is different.

Excellent RTA!

Look on Geekvape’s website for more info – Zeus Dual RTA

Buy the RTA on Ecigone – Buy Zeus Dual RTA

Check out my review on the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA – Review on the Ammit RDA

Zeus Dual RTA
Build Quality
Cloud Production
Ease Of Use
Airflow Options
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Leak-proof
  • Reasonably easy to use
  • Did spit a bit
  • Few little niggles with deck
4.2Overall Score

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